Nabbing a Nammy Sammy in Olympia

By Nikki McCoy on August 27, 2014

Besides the fact that I love rhyming, "Nammy Sammy" is what comes to mind when someone says, "Hey, what should we grab for lunch?"

Nammy's Vietnamese Deli and Bakery in the heart of downtown Olympia is a local favorite. Their banh mi battled in our Tournament of Sandwiches food contest last year. In addition to the awesome flavor explosion of perfectly baked, crisp, yet soft bread piled with fresh ingredients such as cilantro, jalapeño, and carrots, and traditional Vietnamese spiced meat or tofu, the best aspect of Nammy's banh mi is its price. The sandwiches hover around $3: including the hand-shredded coconut chicken sandwich simmered in coconut broth ($2.99), the meatball sandwich ($3.25) and the traditional favorite lemongrass pork ($3.75).

In fact, the entire menu is inexpensive. A sandwich, a bowl of wonton soup and an order of eggrolls rings in for less than 10 bucks. (I know where Adam and Nicky should take their first date - if they ever get one).

Lunch rush can be a little busy, but there is usually a place to sit and eat, or call ahead and grab Nammy's to go.

Next time, I will try the Aloe Vera Juice, perhaps paired with a macaroon for dessert.

NAMMY'S VIETNAMESE DELI AND BAKERY, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 513 Capitol Way S., Olympia, 360.918.8337


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