Hilltop Kitchen ownership purchases Tacoma's popular Marrow Kitchen

By Ron Swarner on July 9, 2014

Looks as if we're in third place with this news. Still, damn worthy news to post. ...

Today Jaime Kay Jones and Chef Kyle Wnuk announce their agreement to sell the restaurant Marrow to Chris Keil and Matthew Schweitzer.

Earlier this spring, Jones approached Keil and Schweitzer, owners of restaurant and bar Hilltop Kitchen, to discuss their potential interest in acquiring Marrow. The four worked together over the next few months to arrive at an amicable arrangement. Keil and Schweitzer will work with Jones and Wnuk through July, shadowing the staff and getting to know the business. Keil and Schweitzer will fully take over operations at the end of July.

As Keil states: "We've been inspired by Marrow from the time they opened. When Jaime approached us about taking over, it was incredibly flattering and humbling. We're really excited to carry on their tradition of seasonal, innovative cuisine paired with food-friendly wine and cocktails. They have established a culture of high quality, adventurous dining and we are thrilled to continue it."

Jones and Wnuk established Marrow in 2011, opening to an immediately receptive and excited audience on Tacoma's bustling 6th Avenue. Featuring the unique double menu - the "Marrow" side comprised primarily of protein-based entrees, and the "Arrow" side catering to vegetarians - Marrow filled a much-needed gap in Tacoma cuisine, and the positive reviews and regular crowds proved it.

Chris Keil and Matthew Schweitzer opened Hilltop Kitchen in the summer of 2013, building off Keil's nationally-recognized talent behind the bar, and Schweitzer's strength as a chef and restaurateur. Both restaurants share a commitment to fresh, local ingredients, classic and emerging techniques, and continuous exploration and improvement.
Looks as if we'r ein third place with this news. Still, damn worthy news ...

For Jones, the choice to approach Keil and Schweitzer was clear.  She is proud of the work she and Wnuk have accomplished at Marrow so far and both are confident entrusting Marrow's next steps to Keil and Schweitzer.

Says Jones, "Kyle and I have seen eye-to-eye throughout our partnership and we feel that Marrow has become all we wanted it to be. We wanted our success and our brand to be honored by someone we knew would understand it, and would help it continue to grow. I'm really looking forward to coming in for a fancy dinner and a cocktail, feeling proud of what we accomplished, and then not having to jump up and bus the table!"

Marrow's loyal customers can expect to see very few changes; Keil and Schweitzer are ready to embrace the strong foundation Jones and Wnuk have established and look forward to the opportunity to steward their successful vision.

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