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Eating Europe

Citron European Bistro at edge of Parkland doing it right

Citron European Bistro serves up authentic fresh fare from Europe. Photo credit" Jake de Paul

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ANNOUNCER: What was once German and Polish fare before Bruno's moved to Lakewood, is now home to Citron European Bistro, which like its predecessor, is serving up cuisine of mostly Germany and France with great attention to detail in both flavors and menu choices.

JASON: I was pleasantly surprised by this place, mostly because it is right next to the off-ramp of Highway 512 leading onto Pacific Avenue near a strip club, but this cheery bistro is turning out great food and an interesting menu. 

JAKE:  I've had French onion soup many times, but never in an actual European bistro, so I was anxious to give it a try here.  It was rich in flavor, with a good balance of broth to onion ratio, and topped with a thick crostini bubbling with baked cheese.  Even something as simple as the soup here shows the influence of the French trained chef.

JASON: My soup of the day, a steaming hot combination of tomato, spinach and basil was both hearty and creamy - this is no Cambell's Soup.  Everything was fresh, and the large cup filled me up - I had to take half my lunch home.

JAKE:  The beef bourguignon is a good mash up of the French and German influenced menu.  The slow cooked in red wine, stew styled meat is a traditional French dish, but they served it here with German dumplings known as spaetzle.  The beef was tender and flavorful and the richness was countered well with the simple side cooked in butter.

JASON: My weiner schnitzel was huge - came with two slabs, breaded and fried - juicy and filling.  The German potato salad was warm, sweet and moist with a strange, almost neon-yellow color, and the dab of sauerkraut was not from a can - it looked more like shaved, fresh horseradish - the texture and taste were spot on.

JAKE: Another signature French dish offered here is the Chicken Cordon Blue.  Served here without a sauce which helps to maintain a crispy contrast to the tender breasts of chicken that surround a thick slice of ham and melted Swiss cheese.  Accompanied by golden potatoes and a side salad, this is one of the best dishes on the menu.

JASON: I couldn't find room for dessert - but I loved the selections.

JAKE: Lots of places claim to offer a chocolate mousse, but here at Citron you can order the Mousse au chocolate noir Godiva which is truly a light in texture but heavy on flavor as it should be served.

Citron European Bistro, 10716 A St. S., Tacoma, 253.212.1153

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