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407 Columbia St SW
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 754-4414

Northwestern, Patio/Deck Dining
Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar, Live Music, Outdoor Dining, Vegetarian-Friendly
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The Review

Reviewed by: Jennifer Johnson

Organic is a word that gets bandied about as a sales tool all too frequently. Just what does it take to legally claim to be organic? Lisa Scott Owen, owner of and executive chef at The Mark, an urban chic restaurant in downtown Olympia, isn’t new and hasn’t just jumped on the trend. She’s been serving organic products since 2001, has knowledge from all sides what it takes to be a certified organic restaurant in Washington state and seems to take it very seriously. The Mark achieved this enviable certification in Spring 2009, adding one more item to the list of things that make it hard to remember the space the restaurant is housed in was once a tire shop. Dark, lustrous wood walls and tables, red curtains, soft lighting over black booths — the setting begs for a clandestine rendezvous and couples surreptitiously talking and enjoying handmade cocktails. The Mark is a restaurant, an art gallery and an event space — all melding healthy food, thought-inspiring art and musical provocateurs into a joyous fete for the senses.

The flourless ganache style chocolate torte is delicious. Sugar crystal dusts the top, adding to the richness, and for once we were glad the wedge was the conservative size it was.

They have a full bar featuring creative cocktails, a good wine selection, and inventive nonalcoholic drinks.

Hours: Thursday through Saturday 5-10 p.m., dinner only, cocktail lounge, private dining, event space.
Cuisine: Simple, mostly organic Northwest cuisine
Scene: Urban chic, mid-scale restaurant


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