Two Teaspoons Cafe

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  • 3/5 Star Rating.

Based on 2 Ratings

215 Wilkes St # 105
Steilacoom, WA 98388
(253) 292-0431

Bakery/baked goods, Breakfast, Coffeehouse/tea, Subs/Sandwiches
Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Outdoor Dining, Take-out

The Review

Reviewed by: Jennifer Johnson

Taking a seat in the corner gave me a full view of the parade of regulars that started to pour in at 11:30 a.m. If this is any indicator, the two young owners of Two Teaspoons Café, Katie Karlstrom and Nyki Delorme, have settled in and made many friends since opening last October.

The entrepreneurs opened up shop where the Steilacoom Café formerly existed, offering small panini sandwiches, wraps, breakfast items and pastries made from scratch. Check out Caffé D'arte coffee and espresso, Mad Hat tea, bottled juices and sodas for drinks. Just around the corner from Jake's Bar & Bistro in downtown Steilacoom, the micro-café has inside seating for only 17 people. The cozy environment encourages chitchat with neighboring tables. Flip side? Zero privacy. The bench tables are about one foot from each other. Outside seating is available.

Thanks to hot-tipper and lifelong Tacoma-area resident Barb D., I enjoyed a new vegetarian panini packed with sweet red and yellow peppers, hummus, mozzarella cheese and mild pepperoncinis while gazing at the Puget Sound and the ferry dock. A big mug of yerba maté hot tea left me feeling warm and snuggly, or maybe it was the way people were greeted by name and treated to beaming smiles from the welcoming women behind the counter.

[Two Teaspoons Cafe, 215 Wilkes St., Suite 102, Steilacoom, 253.292.0431]


User Reviews of Two Teaspoons Cafe (2)

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  • 1/5 Star Rating.

Icklekins said on Apr. 04, 2012 at 3:47pm

I am not sure what the "usual" for Two Teaspoons is, but when I went in today with my friend, we had a terrible experience. We walked in and there were a few people in the cafe; most of them were sitting and drinking coffee already. There was 1 woman standing at the register ordering and two girls behind the counter when we walked in.

The first impression I got was: ooh, this is nice! The decor was friendly and cafe-esque if not sparse. There were comfortable seats for while you waited so I sat and my friend stood in line. I figured, we would get our coffee and get out, right? Wrong! Though there were two "baristas" behind the counter, only one person seemed to actually be making coffee... the other barista just talked on and on for almost 10 minutes with the woman who had been ordering! My friend, who has been patiently standing behind this woman, moved to step up to order finally when another woman came from the restrooms and stepped in front of her. Rather than telling this new woman that my friend has been waiting and that she needs to get in line, the barista spent another 5 minutes talking to and taking the new woman's order! Finally, my friend was able to place her order - a drip coffee and a hazelnut mocha. It took them another 5 minutes to make her mocha!

We arrived in town at 8:15, and arrived at the coffee house at 8:20. We finally left the cafe at 8:45 after waiting in line behind two people with our TWO coffees, one of which was a drip I poured myself! The price was outrageous for how long I waited and for how bad the coffee turned out to be. If this had not been the only coffee place down by the courthouse, I would have gotten up and left in the first 10 minutes of being ignored. If you don't mind waiting forever for a simple cup of coffee, this place might be ok, but if you want any sort of real service, go somewhere else.

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  • 5/5 Star Rating.

Edward Medina said on Apr. 26, 2012 at 3:24pm

This is a small town coffee shop with two young women serving. They make great coffee, the view is great and they are very friendly. I wasn't in any hurry when I went and didn't have to wait very long. I guess if you are in a hurry there is always McDonalds or some other outfit which will serve you immediately.

I'd certainly recommend this to my friends and family. Some folks will always have complaints no matter what you do I guess.

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