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4793 Point Fosdick Dr. N.W.
(253) 853-3020


American, Wine bar
Beer and Wine Only, Credit Cards Accepted, Outdoor Dining
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The Review

Reviewed by: Jake and Jason de Paul

(Sip. closed Monday, May 24, 2010)

ANNOUNCER: Not to be confused with Sit & Sip Bar located on State Route 302, Sip Restaurant and Wine Bar opened in Gig Harbor’s slick new Uptown shopping village in the spring and has been thriving like well watered wild flowers ever since.  Utilizing organic, locally sourced products for lunch and dinner service when possible, Sip’s creators are eco-conscious as well as growth oriented. The original Sip in Issaquah and this second Sip location will be joined by a third in Seattle this winter. Pre-selected wine flights, wines by the half and full glass or bottle leave plenty of room to tailor a dining experience or wine sampling evening exactly as desired. Let’s see if the boys can behave at the sophisticated Napa Valley-style eatery.

JAKE: I was beginning to think our love was dying with your taking me to such lackluster, cheap ass places lately and all. And by cheap ass, I mean budget priced. Sip is swankville. Smell the air? It has layers of money, delicious garlic, herbs, and money. Did I mention money? And walls of wine are a beauteous sight.

JASON: Oh hell, you did that open mouth breathing thing. Weirdo. Yes, you mentioned money. Sip’s in a moneyed area and not for the faint of wallet, er, heart. As is often true, things of quality have higher prices, and that fits Sip.

JAKE: Black truffle popcorn tempted, but we opted for the suggested three house-made dip appetizer with warmed garlic naan bread. Just the right amount of sundried tomato was mixed with creamy goat cheese. Yogurt-based cucumber tzatziki didn’t have quite enough zip for me but was pleasantly freckled with fresh dill.

JASON: Sweet hot three pepper jelly was cooled by the silky, creamy arugula parmesan dip that it adorned. Easily the greatest combination of flavors ever — or at least top 10. We ordered iceberg wedge salads but were served Caesars. Luckily all was forgiven as I tasted anchovy. Thin Parmesan disks as adornment held both visual and palate appeal.

JAKE: I have a rule. Spend big money on steak only at El Gaucho. I chose red-hued beet infused ravioli and added two Sip house-made sausages for $5, bringing the price to $26. Low oil, mellow salt, non-chewy, fennel flavor shining through — precisely the way I like sausage. Large ravioli was stuffed with herbed cheese; pesto sauce danced lightly in the dish among haricot verts (fancy name for green beans), squash and onion. Portion size was medium.

JASON: My prosciutto wrapped chicken was stellar. Not much prosciutto, but hey that’s all right. It’s a salty, thin little ham used to punch up flavor, and man, it did its job. The chicken was also incredibly moist with a crisp, golden exterior. From scratch garlic mashed potatoes made me cry as I wished Mom would still cook for me.

JAKE: You freakin’ mama’s boy. I know you liked them; you didn’t talk at all while eating, and Mom would have been proud of your plate cleaning skills. I was impressed at the comfortable rate at which we were greeted, checked on, served, and also left to enjoy ourselves. Not once during the two-hour affair did I feel neglected or rushed. We much appreciated our polite and knowledgeable server, Tony, who offered what seemed to be his honest opinion on menu items.

JASON: And dessert, too. Take the chocolate ganache dessert that sat among sliced strawberries and glaze, well-whipped fresh cream and mint. It knocked my socks off as I spooned a bit of each together. The smooth ganache wasn’t overly rich, but it was definitely up there.  French press coffee was an unexpected treat and an excellent ending.


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