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454 East Main, Puyallup


Northwestern, Pub Fare
Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar
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Reviewed by: Melissa Renahan

When we walked into the Powerhouse Restaurant & Brewery at 4:30 p.m. on a Saturday, the only area inside the large, brick building that was full was the secluded outdoor patio. Despite the temptation of the fleeting sunshine, we opted to sit inside at one of the booths and check out the airy indoor surroundings. 

There is also a full bar, but a quick glance around told the tale: everyone was drinking the beer. So we went with two of the samplers (five beers for $6) and tested the hoppy waters. Rather than detail which ones aren't memorable out of the 10 they make in-house, I'll instead point you toward the Hefeweizen, which was incredibly light and stood out among the ambers and pale ales, and the Roasted Porter, which hinted at coffee and would be a great stand-alone pint, forget the food pairing.

Surprisingly, the secret ingredient (and menu) at Powerhouse is another "b" word: bourbon, as detailed along the "Bourbon Trail." Powerhouse's website (www.powerhousebrewpub.com) does not list the Bourbon Trail, nor did the hostess or waitress mention it, so it was a total surprise when we noticed it discretely tucked away on the table. The menu, which lists a few bourbon-based cocktails, also offers seven small plates that either incorporate bourbon into the food or pair well with the spirit.

All in all, I'd say Powerhouse is worth the drive to Puyallup ... IF you are coming in a group, looking for fun lunch or a quick bite with your beer. However, if you're searching for a full dinner, this isn't the spot for you.


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