Fam's Southern Fried Chicken

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430 E. 25th St.
(253) 627-9500


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Reviewed by: Jennifer Johnson

Fam’s Southern Fried Chicken opened at Tacoma’s Freighthouse Square about five months ago. What a relief: real fried chicken done the right way — golden hued and crispy, breaded skin on the outside with moist, tender flesh plump with savory juice underneath.

The ultimate comfort food — fried chicken — sure isn’t the healthiest, but certainly satisfies lusty finger lickin’ carnivorous cravings. And Fam's satisfies.

Oh, and don’t forget about the heat. That’s the secret at family owned and operated Fam’s. They cook up chicken in perfect hot, hot heat turning out an end product that’s a crisp winner and not a greasy loser.

Wallet friendly family combo dinners feed six people for $19.49, or dinner for one goes for $6.79.

Beside yardbird, check out catfish, prawns, dirty rice, baked beans, jalapeno corn bread, baked mac ’n’ cheese and hot wings.


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