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1498 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 573-9000


Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar, Outdoor Dining
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Reviewed by: Jackie Fender

Aviateur opened its doors quietly in the lovely space that most recently housed Mediterranean digs Zara, and before that the Sea Grill, though the space has remained empty for long stretches of time in-between new concepts. The ambiance is essentially the same as Zara highlighting an upscale atmosphere with warm and understated tones and a cool circular bar featuring a wonderful view of the Pac Avenue and 15th Street intersection.

This is not the first of owner Bertrand Young's dining establishments, as he owns intimate French bistro, La Crème Brulee in Steilacoom.

The Aviateur menu features mid to high range plates from $15-$32 including dishes those unfamiliar with French cuisine would expect like escargot, beef bourguignon and soon crepes that will be included on the happy hour menu.

Upon my visit it was happy hour, so naturally I anted up to the bar with head bartender Robin Boireau. Yes, he's French, too, which added to the novelty of a French restaurant in Tacoma thanks to the accent eloquently delivering monikers of authentic dishes. The happy hour menu features $6, $11 and $14 plates from small shareable nibbles to more filling meal types. The Les Croques is a French staple featuring ham, the creamy white condiment Béchamel sauce and Swiss cheese on a delightfully tasty croissant, delivering a flavorful, matrimony that was like biting into a pillow. A pillow made out of delicious food. Served with a light and simple side salad with a creamy dressing presenting a zesty pop of flavor with each bite. 

The bread pudding ($6) was moist and rich served with a scoop of coffee-flavored ice cream that complemented the bread pudding to perfection. The only unfortunate trait about this sandwich and dessert duo was the cocktail menu options to pair with it. Most cocktails at Aviateur are sophomoric at best featuring syrupy sweet "martinis" and not a lot of selection booze wise, which is perfect for those with less refined tastes. Or perhaps I'm a bit of a snob.

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