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Tacoma area breakfast joints

Where to stop for great morning grub

Art House Café’s breakfast pizza will change your life. Staff photo

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I 'm a self-proclaimed "omelet girl," and I like it.

Just thinking about fluffy and tender eggs the color of warm sunshine, stuffed to the gills with all kinds of deliciousness, makes my mouth water. My personal favorite omelet is the kind that oozes gooey and rich cheeses that overflow onto the plate with the first piercing of the fork.

I'm also a self-proclaimed "pancake girl," though. A stack of fluffier-than-air and delicately sweet pancakes is a feast for the eye and the belly. I love the fresh berry toppings, large globs of perfectly whipped butter and hot, rich maple syrup magic.

Then of course, one mustn't forget the eggs benedict, smoked salmon and cream cheese-topped bagel, French toast and hearty breakfast sandwiches.

Yes, breakfast has stolen my hungry heart and is my favorite meal of the day. And what a really lucky gal I am to live in the Tacoma area, which offers killer breakfasts seven days a week.

Here's my little guide o'love for all things breakfast around town.

Diner breakfasts

Classic American diner food is simply a breakfast staple. Greasy, salty, sweet, balanced and hearty grub is the heart of this cuisine.

Alfred's Café (Dome District, Tacoma): A wide variety of omelets the size of your head (best eaten in the infamous and eclectic Bubble Room under chandelier).

The Poodle Dog (Fife): Truck stop food at its finest in the historic and longtime establishment. Brings out the Jack Kerouac in all of us.

The Pine Cone Café (University Place): Get that total 50s and 60s vibe in this old-timey and bustling joint.

Knapps (Proctor District, Tacoma): A Tacoma North end tradition, this is the diner where everyone probably knows your name, and the diner atmosphere is just simply classic.

Burs Restaurant (Lakewood): This lively place has a fun throwback vibe and regular patrons - it feels just right. Wildly colored sprinkles on the whipped cream of your hot cocoa are a hit with the kids (and adults alike).

Eclectic and Interesting Breakfasts

This is where breakfast staples and classics get an interesting and wonderful twist.

If you’re looking for a pork belly roulade Benedict, Marrow serves it from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Sunday. Staff photo

Marrow (6th Avenue Business District, Tacoma): Marrow does its super-popular, gorgeously artistic and wildly tasty brunch magic only on Sundays.  Oh, to have this lovely opportunity to feast like this EVERY DAY? Well, I say bring it! (A girl can dream, right?).

Smoke + Cedar (Central Tacoma): Unique and really terrific food combos that just beg for an adult beverage. And it has a bevy of unique and tasty mixology (especially love the "bubbles" combos) that make this new breakfast dynamo a hit.

Art House Café (Stadium District, Tacoma): Oh, the breakfast here is idea artful - fresh ideas and delightful presentations. The breakfast pizza is divine, and the light refreshing salads (yes, salad!) served with the omelets are lovely.

Moonrise Café (Lakewood): Please ignore the fact that this friendly and terrific little gem is in a strip mall. For my vegetarian and vegan pals, this place is really divine. My personal fave is the vegetarian eggs benedict with fresh and creamy avocado, tomato and basil. Take that, meat lovers! (Of course, there are awesome things for you, too).

Shakabrah Java (6th Avenue Business District, Tacoma): While the outside may look a bit like a hipster joint (and okay, maybe a little bit on the inside, too), Tacomans and out-of-towners of all types love the breakfast-all-day menu and options. The Shaka Magic Potatoes (a staple and labor of love) are, yes, indeed magic.

Chicken and waffles is one of the many specialties Dirty Oscar’s creates from their Sixth Ave. locale. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

Dirty Oscar's Annex (6th Avenue Business District, Tacoma): DOA's eclectic and really groovy weekend breakfast menu (along with its terrific boozy breakfast-y beverages) scores major points with the locals and lovers of a fun and tasty menu alike. The omelet specials and classic breakfast sandwich are divine.

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