Great new cocktails to try

New creations for fall festivities

By Statepoint Media on September 21, 2015

Cooler temperatures invite a new season of cocktails, featuring richer flavors to entertain yourself and guests. To achieve this, Port offers a versatile and refreshing element, says Andy Seymour, beverage educator and owner of Liquid Productions, a cocktail consulting company.

"Working with Port provides many fantastic options to create new cocktails or put a dynamic and delicious twist on an existing drink. Its various flavor profiles offer a wonderful palate of flavors, whether utilizing the bright, clean style of white Port, a juicy, fruit-driven rosé Port, or a more traditional ruby or tawny Port - the key is versatility."

To help you plan your fall festivities, Seymour offers these delicious Port cocktails that you can create at home.

For a refreshing aperitif-style sipper made with white Port, try the long, tall First Wind paired with light appetizers or tapas.

Prep: Muddle cilantro with agave. Add cucumber juice and Siroco and shake with ice. Strain over fresh ice in a Collins glass. Top with Tonic.

Glassware: Collins
Ice: Kold draft (1 inch by 1 inch cubes)
Garnish: Cucumber stalk

The playful Jack the Spy is given an extra spark with the addition of tawny Port.

Prep: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir thoroughly and strain over a big ice cube.

Glassware: Double rocks
Ice: Large format (2 inch by 2 inch)
Garnish: Wide lemon peel

Full bodied and packed with berry flavors, ruby Port pairs perfectly with aged spirits in the Murderers Row, a robust and juicy cocktail to sip with heavier courses. Try it at your next dinner party!

Prep: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled glass.
Glassware: Coupe
Ice: None
Garnish: Grapefruit peel and blackberry

The dynamic flavors of Port will bring a welcome and delicious twist to your dinner parties and casual get-togethers throughout the cold weather season, providing a pleasant surprise for all your guests.