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Late-night dining in Olympia and Lacey

Where to eat after 9 p.m. in Thurston County

Dillingers Cocktails & Kitchen in downtown Olympia serves food until 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights. Photo credit: Pappi Swarner

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Olympia doesn't roll up the sidewalks at 9 o'clock, but it sometimes seems as though the city does turn off the oven and start stacking the chairs on top of the tables.

Finding a good meal late at night in Thurston County can be challenging - especially on a weekday. It can be more challenging if you're dining with someone under 21.

There are options, though, if you know where to look.

And who better to offer suggestions than a musician whose work schedule means lots of late-night dinners?

We spotted guitarist Vince Brown enjoying a post-gig meal earlier this month at the stylish Dillingers Cocktails & Kitchen.

Brown has a whole array of late-night favorites - just the way most people have a collection of favorite restaurants that close at 9 p.m.

"My go-to restaurants are Dillingers, QB, Swing and Le Voyeur, though QB is the only one you can really count on during the week," he says.

By that, he means that Quality Burrito serves food until midnight every night, while hours vary at most other places - and if it's a slow night, many will stop serving early. (The willingness to surprise is part of the charm of Le Voyeur, Brown says. "If they feel like closing early, they do. "If someone wants to change how they make a menu item, they do. Hence it can be inconsistent but creative.") In other words, call ahead if you're going out of your way.

But while QB's hours are late enough to serve the needs of those looking for dinner after the theater or a late movie, the ultimate destination for the nocturnal is King Solomon's Reef, open till 3 a.m.

"After QB stops serving at midnight there's really only one option: King Solomon's Reef," Brown says. "When the Reef was closed for reconstruction, it was a sad sight to see so many cold and hungry musicians wandering the streets post-gig looking for food and finally having to settle for tots in the rain at Jake's hot-dog stand."

Just how seriously does the Reef take late-night dining? For those who'd rather eat breakfast before they sleep so they can start the next day that much later, the restaurant offers breakfast (including housemade sausage) right up until closing time.

Here's the scoop on Brown's favorites plus a few more options beyond downtown:


404 Washington St. SE, Olympia

Dine until: 10 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 p.m. Thursday, 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday, 3 p.m. Sunday

From the menu: Argentinean steak, red beans and rice

All ages: No

Details: 360.515.0650 or


212 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia

Dine until: 3 a.m. daily

From the menu: Breakfast all day, "fried things and snacks" (it's a menu category), homemade pie

All ages: Yes

Details: 360.742.3199 or

QB (Quality Burrito)

213 Fourth Ave. E, Olympia

Dine until: Midnight daily

On the menu: Burritos, sweet potato fries

All ages: Yes

Details: 360.357.7292 or


825 Columbia St. SW, Olympia

Dine until: 9:45 p.m.

On the menu: Brisket, Szechuan boar belly, salads

All ages: No

Details: 360.357.9464 or

>>> On the East Side


7131 Martin Way E, Olympia

Dine until: 10 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 9 p.m. Sunday

On the menu: You tell us.

All ages: Yes

Details: 360.455.9292 or


2423 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia

Dine until: 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

On the menu: Meatloaf, homemade soup, milkshakes

All ages: Yes

Details: 360.705.1438

>>> On the West Side


2103 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia

Dine until: 10 p.m. Monday-Friday, 11 p.m. Saturday, 9 p.m. Sunday

On the menu: Burgers, salad, curry

All ages: Yes

Details: 360.956.3661 or

>>> In Lacey


805 College St., Lacey

Dine until: 10 p.m. daily

On the menu: Pho (Vietnamese beef-noodle soup)

All ages: Yes

Details: 360.338.0987


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