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Pairing Halloween costumes with Tacoma restaurants

Trick or Eats

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Watch out costume stores, I am about to raid you! Believe me when I tell you that you will see me coming, wild eyed and goofy grinned, ready to nab some dreamy little costumes for my ultimate holiday fantasy.

It's not scary or too weird (now, now, don't stop reading, stay with me). I am pairing Halloween costumes with good eats and drinks in the Tacoma area. And this ain't no soggy Almond Joy and spiked punch - this is REAL food (and a little booze, too).

Maxwell's Speakeasy + Lounge

Costume: Private detective ala 1940s Philip Marlowe

It was a dark, stormy night, see? I cozy up to the bar and the joint is jumpin'. I order whiskey, neat. Is there a mystery here? Naw. Just damn fine food - smoky seared scallops, tasty mushroom bruschetta, and house-made potato chip wonders. Case closed.

STINK Cheese and Meat

Costume: Zombie

Me Want Stinker! Me Want Stinker! This eclectic's deli's best-selling Stinker sandwich beats brains any day! It's a grilled peanut butter sandwich with blackberry preserves, bacon and blue cheese on multi-grain bread; an odd combo maybe, but so good.

Marrow Kitchen and Bar

Costume: Judy Jetson

Maybe it's not flying cars and robot maids, but this joint takes on the culinary future. It's modern and yummy. I dig the vegetarian options (Arrow) menu (hello succulent quinoa "burger"), and the brunch is a space-aged wonder.

Shakabrah Java

Costume: Circa 1970s Sonny Bono

I attended the infamous Nirvana Halloween concert dressed as 1970s-era Sonny Bono (pageboy haircut, super furry vest, tight pants and boots). No, this costume makes no sense then or now, but Shakabrah Java reminds me of cafés back in the day in my Seattle ‘hood - but with much nicer people and better food. Delicious gooey omelets and those groovy Shaka magic potatoes - total concert fuel.

Eleven Eleven

Costume: Clown

Let's face it - clowns are creepy (even beloved J.P. Patches has a touch of creep factor, yes?). But my little clown duds would be cool at Eleven Eleven. The Hilltop joint is totally chill, the people are nice, and the perfect sandwiches and old-school beer aren't clowning around.

Old Milwaukee Café

Costume: Entire Brady Bunch clan (including Alice)

This requires cloning, but I would transform myself into the entire Brady brood including wise-cracking Alice the housekeeper. This all-American family icon would take over the entire tiny café and nosh on classic American fare and pancakes as big as our heads. Then, in my best Cindy Brady baby voice, I'd utter, "More pleeth."

Chambers Bay Grill

Costume: Leprechaun

Ah, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: the Chambers Bay Grill. Overlooking the panoramic Chambers Bay links-style golf course, I'd break out the green for a wee pint or two or 10 (hey, don't judge, I'm a leprechaun, remember?) of Chambers Bay 80 Schilling, Scottish ale brewed by Harmon Brewery along with the fried egg and cheese BLT or the tasty halibut and chips. Lucky me!

The Social Bar and Grill

Costume: Pirate

The pirate's life for me! I'd bring my ship and crew to the Foss Waterway and anchor at The Social to pillage and plunder the awesome booze (as well as the yummy nibbles to ward off the scurvy), telling tales of sunken treasure around the modern and cozy outdoor fire pits. Argh!

The Red Hot

Costume: Stuffy professor type

This would be the under-wraps fantasy of the conservative, stuck-up, tweed-wearing professor who comes here to let off some steam, sip some glorious beer, and stuff his face with the best hot dogs around. The professor would become a hit with the regulars, who would vow to keep his secret.

Dirty Oscar's

Costume: Punked out flapper from the roaring '20s

Decadent yet modern, DOA is the perfect place for my fun-time punky flapper to drool over the moonshine cocktails and kick up her heels at the Cap'n Crunch French Toast or the skull-sized mouthwatering omelets. Hangover cures or instigators, no matter. Cheers!

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