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HeyDay Cafe and the Olympia Farmers Market are now open

Grab a Tuna Phish Sammy

TEAM HEYDAY CAFE: Andrew Lippincott, Bri Cummings, Pam Cummings and Matt Cummings. Courtesy Photo

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All the telltale signs of an Olympia spring are here. The cherry blossoms are in bloom, the Evergreen students have come out of their damp dorms and the Olympia Farmers Market is gearing up for another year of food, music and fun.

Opening day is Thursday, April 4 and produce vendors and artisans aren't the only ones preparing for the onslaught of strollers and tourists. Food vendors are busy stocking coolers and napkin holders in order to help happy shoppers make it through a trip to the market with tempting treats like soba, chowder, Belgian waffles and more.

"It's cool - everyone is excited to be back open," says Matt Cummings, who runs the rock 'n' roll themed HeyDay Cafe with his family. "It's like a tribe down here."

Cummings is talking about not only his HeyDay family - but his extended family - all those who come back to the market year after year to set up their trade.

"People that can‘t work other places work here," he says with a smile. "It's kind of like a freak show." He means that in the best way, and credits the market for its creative appeal.

The HeyDay Cafe is a prime example of creativity and hard work in action - the very thing that makes the market hum. Cummings' seasonal deli is based entirely on rock 'n' roll - CD inserts, rock posters and a Jimi Hendrix caricature adorn the walls and the menu is a play on rock songs and culture - like the "Happiness is a Warm Bun" menu that features hot sandwich items such as Shred Zeppelin - shredded chicken with homemade brown sugar BBQ sauce.

Breakfast and espresso are served all day off the "Good Day Sunshine" menu and kids can select the Fleetwood Mac 'n' cheese or the Tuna Phish sandwich, among other cute and catchy items off the "Sweet Child of Mine" menu. The HeyDay also has vegan and vegetarian options such as "California Dreamin'" cream cheese, pesto or hummus and veggies on your choice of bread or bagel.

"The rock 'n' roll theme came naturally," explains Cummings. "There was that hard winter and we were snowed in. We had a bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine and we brainstormed the whole menu," he laughs. "It's good. We get to be ourselves."

The HeyDay crew is known for their playfulness, often joking with customers or giving them a ten percent discount if the food they ordered matches the song on the radio. They are also liable to bust out into song at any time.

This is the unique vibe the Olympias Farmers Market is known for and whether you are after a music menu, a prolific palm reader, homemade apparel or the freshest produce around, the market has something for everyone.


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