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Sunshine Liquidators

When you want your house to smell like soda pop

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You know the saying, ‘Sometimes you can find what you're looking for right under your nose?" Well, clearly I've been finding my mouth just fine, based on my recent weight gain, but not in such a literal way, I finally really looked under my nose and discovered Sunshine Liquidators.

I've been writing this column for about a year now, and I have never considered this store. I've only passed it several times EVERY day to and from work.  This was a huge "duh" moment for me - quite embarrassing really.

Years have passed since my first I visit to Sunshine Liquidators, and ironically my second visit was a lovely sunshiny day! During my prior visit I had a key made for my front door. It didn't work. Twice it didn't work. I suggest Home Depot or Robbles downtown for your key-making needs.

I do suggest this store for saving money on cleaning supplies, toiletries, cereal, crackers, cookies and of course condiments. For example: Crest toothpaste is only $1.50 for a 6.4-ounce tube. Grey Poupon is only 50 cents for an 8-ounce bottle and tasty looking jar of roasted red pepper bruschetta topping was only $1.

What was really interesting were some not so great deals on items like Progresso soup and Fred Meyer brand black olives. Both of these items I could find for a better deal during occasional sales at a regular grocery store. Otherwise they cost the same.

The store was a quite a bit more disorganized than I remember, but the lady that checked my items emphasized that they were in the middle of a remodel and things would be much better in a few weeks. I hope so. Don't get me wrong; discount food stores don't have to be transcendental experience for me, just organized and relatively clean.

I couldn't help but be fascinated by the 72 - yes 72 different kinds of incense. You can choose from your typical patchouli or sage scents, but why would you when you can have "Rugged Leather," "Summer Day," "Indian Moon," "Night Queen," "Ocean Wind," or "Opium." The Opium smelled pretty good, and don't EVEN get me started on how cool "Fizzy Pop" smelled. It really smelled like soda pop!

Stores like this seem to score pretty heavily on the chocolate front. There's just about every type of gourmet chocolate. Salad dressing and toilet paper are also in abundance. Is there a connection? You tell me. ...

Next time I need plates and napkins for a party, I'm coming here. Not a great selection, but the ones for sale were cute and cheap. Two-ply paper towels for 59 cents are a good deal, even if there are only 60 sheets.

Bottom line is, you have dig through dirt to find some jewels, and you can find them here at Sunshine Liquidators. It also doesn't hurt to pay more attention to what is around your own neighborhood. You might miss something good.

Sunshine Liquidators

2909 S. 12th St., Tacoma

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