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Cash and Carry

Tacoma's best-kept secret

Sriracha Rooster Sauce â€" 28 oz. for $2.52 at Cash and Carry in Tacoma.

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As you may or may not know, I used to own a little restaurant in downtown Tacoma a few years back. While I had delivery for many specialty items, I depended on outlets like Costco for other staples. One such outlet I would frequent was Cash and Carry. These days I don’t need to buy bulk like I did back then, but there’s something about Cash and Carry that keeps me comin’ back.

While Cash and Carry is similar to Costco in that it has many bulk items, it’s also quite different because it carries regular-sized grocery store items at half the cost! You heard me — HALF the cost. Let’s explore. …

If you can get past all the great professional kitchen equipment, which is tough to do, you will find there lots of great buys on beef tenderloin, flank steak and even the difficult to find Cotija cheese. One caveat about the meat is that you have to portion it yourself. Not for the squeamish.

For those big lasagna moments, why settle for measly two pound ricotta, when you can by the FIVE pound ricotta! Do you love shallots? Then by all means you need to get the three-pound container and their already peeled ($8.07)! Is a creamy cheddar-broccoli soup in your future? Make life simple and get the two-pound, already cleaned and chopped frozen broccoli for only $1.79. Should I keep going? Hells to the yeah!

I’ve been trying to figure out something to make for Christmas gifts this year and caramel somethings have been nagging at me. Lo’ and behold? A five-pound loaf-log for $17.59! Most of my work is done! Next we have spices galore that kicks Costco’s ass and all very cheap.

Speaking of Christmas, who isn’t going to some kind of holiday party and if you are hosting, listen up: there are so many frozen appetizer options you could have five parties this season and never serve the same thing twice. And while you’re there, pick-up a lovely wreath for only $9.98.

Now for the best part: regular sized cheap condiments. I love condiments and when I can get them at a stupid price, you betcha! Mai Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce $1.73 for the 32 oz, Sriracha Rooster Sauce – 28 oz. for $2.52, Hoisin Sauce — $1.73 for the 20 oz. bottle, Tapatio Hot Sauce only .79 cents for the five-ounce bottle and don’t EVEN get me started on the .88 cent cans of coconut milk.

Cash and Carry is the best-kept secret in town people. Here’s the deal though: they don’t accept personal checks but do take debit, credit and cash. Check it out! You will be glad you did. Seriously.

[Cash and Carry, 6208 Tacoma Mall Blvd., Tacoma, 253.472.6879]

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