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2016 Best of Olympia: Obsidian

Best New Business, Best Tea

While not new, Obsidian is still the best “new thing” to Olympia. File photo

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Obsidian sits in the space that the bars Jezebels and Bar Code once occupied, and before that a Gold's Gym. So in a lot of ways to many in Olympia, anything was an improvement, and why people still vote this as the best new thing though not quite so brand spanking new. But location alone is not the reason I am excited by Obsidian. The bar/café/venue is run by a small group of people loosely connected to the band Wolves in the Throneroom; although I must say that many of these connections pre-date the band by nearly two decades. The remodel alone is breathtaking with aged and burnt cedar and hardwood décor. The Weavers, along with longtime friend Chris Beug, have pulled off an amazing renovation that has the potential to lead to revitalization. The vibe of the space and the individuals surrounding it tends to make you feel that this will be more of a community space than a food service venture; and that is what makes the possibilities endless. They apparently also serve a mean tea!

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