Examination fee implemented for pets shipped to Europe

By AFNS on January 21, 2013

An examination fee of 55 Euro per pet will be implemented Feb. 1, 2013 for all non-EU citizens who import a pet to Germany.

The Kaiserslautern County Administration implemented the European Union Ordinance #998/2003, which regulates the importing of dogs, cats and other pets into or throughout the European Union.

Upon arrival into the country, pets will be examined by the veterinarian near the passenger terminal baggage claim area. These examinations are conducted by the county veterinary office for the German General Customs.

www.esplanadetacoma.com" target="_blank">There will only be a credit card reader available at the terminal to pay the fee. Cash and debit cards will not be accepted. The fee will be the military member's responsibility and will not be reimbursed on a travel voucher.

Military personnel flying into Frankfurt International Airport, Germany, will no longer be exempt from the charges associated with importing a pet. The State of Hessen charges 35 Euro per accompanied pet, 55 Euro for an unaccompanied pet, plus an additional 50 percent if the pet arrives on a weekend or holiday.

The Kaiserslautern County Administration Veterinary Director, Dr. Holger Hofmann wrote the regulation protects the European Union from the introduction and dissemination of rabies.

The extent of pet examinations depends on the rabies situation in the country of origin, and also the receiving EU-member state. The health requirement also states pets are required to be older than three months and vaccinated against rabies. They must comply with the rabies condition in not only the third country of origin, but also the receiving EU-member state.

Additionally, Hofmann wrote travelers entering the country may import a maximum of three pets of one species without an import license; however the animals must not be destined for change of owner. The import and crossbreeding of pit-bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers and their crossbreeds is prohibited. Passengers can also import up to three domestic birds and rabbits without an import license unless they suffer from a contagious disease, which needs to be supported by a veterinary certificate.

For more information regarding the examination fee, contact the host-nation office at 06371-952655 or DSN 314-480-2094.