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Your kids can have cake and eat it too!

We know that kids often spend long hours deciding the theme of their party and the cake is often the centerpiece of the party. We also know sometimes the plans are to visit the local grocery store or bake yourself. We've compiled a list of...

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Korean War-era energy system changing

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD - The energy program on Joint Base Lewis-McChord leads in taking energy action for sustainable working and living conditions. One project that exhibits this drive is the decentralization of heating plants for...


Service with humility

After an unfortunate turn of events, a respected Washington National Guard soldier had been jailed. While the soldier awaited his court appearance, the state's Adjutant General took the time to visit and talk to him. He told the soldier that he...

Jobs & Education

Two jobs, one community

Maj. Ashley Coffey, a senior human resource officer with the 56th Theater Information Operations Group, Washington Army National Guard, intelligently and seamlessly blends her military responsibilities with her civilian job as a program manager...


COVID compounding depression, trauma

As the global COVID-19 pandemic lessens, mental health care professionals are now concerned with confronting post-COVID stress disorder. To understand the connection between the psychological impact of COVID-19 and PTSD, an Italian survey (the...

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