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JBLM gym opening to families

Also: Washington State clarifies some restrictions

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Jensen Gym will open to military family members on a limited basis starting August 26, said Major Gen. Steve Smith, deputy commanding general, I Corps and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, during a townhall meeting Tuesday.

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Family members can access Jensen Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on an appointment basis. Gyms are limited to 50 people at a time in one-hour blocks. Masks are not required during a workout, but they are required entering and leaving gyms.

Smith said other considerations to re-open closed programs and facilities on base will be determined after Labor Day.

Madigan Commander Col. Christopher Warner said a temporary last-minute closing of the pharmacy at the hospital was related to staff exposed to COVID. He said they are working through issues and hope to have wait times to 30 minutes soon.

“We expect it to be better each week going forward,” Warner said.

Smith said cases have decreased on base, but reminded servicemembers and families the importance, especially over the holiday, of social distancing, wearing masks and good hygiene.

Outside the gate, Gov. Jay Inslee, state governor announced new changes to restrictions to include:

Gov. Jay Inslee announced and updated guidance as part of Washington's Safe Start phased reopening plan on August 20.

“We have worked with stakeholders for weeks and sometimes months to arrive at these guidelines. We continue to balance the need for activities that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional well-being with the steps needed to control the virus. Our ability to reopen depends on every Washingtonian doing their part to ensure fewer, shorter and safer interactions.” said Inslee. Clarifications included the following:


Allows museums in Phase 2 counties to operate as long as they meet certain requirements. Museums in Phase 3 counties would be required to lower occupancy.


Allows bowling league play in Phases 2 and 3, as long as facilities meet certain requirements. 


Allows for agritourism such as U-pick farms and tree farms to operate in Phase 2 counties. 

Outdoor Recreation:

clarifies restrictions to non-spectator motor-sports in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Safe Start plan. Go-Kart tracks, ORV facilities, Motocross facilities, Raceways and other participant-only motorsports, spectators and spectator camping, spectator races and spectator events are not allowed in Phase 1 and 2 counties. These changes went into effect August 24. 

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