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Spend the summer collecting seashells by the seashore 

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As the days heat up, so does the longing to pile the family in the car and head to the beach. Afterall, sandcastles don’t build themselves and kites were meant to be flown in the salty sea air, so let’s hop in the car and explore the beaches of Washington.

Located 90 miles from JBLM is a place that really has it all, Ocean Shores. An expansive shoreline along the Pacific Ocean awaits you here where bike riding, fishing, kite flying, horseback riding and ocean charters are just some of the many activities available. And the beauty of this place is the fun goes beyond the beach. Plenty of family friendly amusements are available in the town as well, including go karts and bowling.  While a day trip is possible, it’s always fun to make it a mini vacation, and with tons of lodging available, you won’t be short on options here.

Located just 12 miles up the road from Ocean Shores is Copalis Beach, where the Copalis river meets the ocean and plenty of beachcombing options greet you. Copalis Beach is also a hot spot for Razor Clam digging, so you’ll want to make sure to plan a trip back in the fall.  

Located a bit further at 130 miles away sits another Washington coastal gem, Long Beach. And believe us when we say it’s called Long Beach for a reason, stretching 28 miles long, there is plenty of opportunity for exploration. If you’re looking for a quiet portion of the beach it’s recommended to head to Tokeland and North Cove, but if quiet isn’t important then there are seven access points on the main beach for you to enter and claim the perfect beach spot for the day.  And when you’ve gotten your fix of feeling the sand beneath your toes, we highly recommend taking a stroll on the Long Beach boardwalk. The boardwalk offers panoramic views of the ocean that are not to be missed.

Another great option to experience Washington State beaches is driving to the town of Westport, located on the south side entrance of Grays Harbor and providing miles and miles of coastline to explore. Two of the best beaches in the Westport area are West Haven State Park and Twin Harbors State Park. Surrounded by shore pines, navigating the beach trails to get to the beach, is half the fun! Both  parks have plenty of overnight accommodations available. Including the yurts at Twin Harbors. But if a yurt isn’t what you’re looking for, RVs and tent options are available too.

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach that also has a quintessential beach town to go along with it, we would recommend Seabrook. Located97 miles from JBLM on the Olympic Peninsula and built with the mindset of providing ample walking opportunities to visitors (we do also recommend bikes) this town is perfect for a weekend getaway. Cottages and houses for rent line the expansive shoreline, giving you and your family plenty of options for lodging. Spend all day building sandcastles and exploring for seashells then head into town for dinner and an ice cream cone. And when your beach vacation is over, the best part is Seabrook is located just 35 minutes from the Olympic National Park, so it’s possible to make it two vacations in one, or just plan a day of exploring there as well, then head home.

If you do plan to make a second trip out of visiting Olympic National Park, or just prefer to spend all your time there, we would definitely recommend Ruby Beach. Located in the Olympic National Park and the northernmost of the southern beaches in the park, this is a great place for beach exploration. Known for the beautiful sun bleached pieces of driftwood which are breathtaking to look at and the perfect opportunity for the kids to spend the day climbing on. However, it is important to note you’re in a National Park, so nothing should be taken from the beach as a souvenir. But trust us when we say Ruby Beach provides enough beauty to take with you for a lifetime.

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