PCS move dates from San Diego still unknown

Cornonado commander gives updates

By RangerKen on June 2, 2020

There were more questions than answers to the big concerns military personnel and their families put forth during a Facebook Live event with Captain John DePree, commanding officer at Naval Base Coronado.

DePree said he is waiting like everyone else to find out when gyms would open, troops can PCS, more child care would be available, and much more


“Those are all good questions,” he said.

PCS moves are on-going based on local conditions to move, however, like many across the United States, those release dates are currently unknown, including for Navy personnel in San Diego.

Recently, the DoD put June 30th as the last day of the stop movement.

“There is no good answer,” Depree said regarding if local military can PCS after that date.

Military bases around the country have been instructed by the Defense Department to balance phased opening guidance from their local communities with Defense Department rules.

Today, San Diego County has oepned beaches to “passive” acitivities including sun bathing. DePree said base beaches will now follow that order as well, limited only to household units.

Where barber shops are opening in the city, and Miramar has opened its golf course, things are still closed on local Navy bases including Coronado. Marine Corps base such as Miramar and Pendleton fall under a different command.

In other news during to the town hall …

• The base will not be distributing disinfectant supplies to base housing.

• Incoming personnel must self-quarantine for 14 days, however, DuPree said the DoD is looking to possibly reduce that to 10 days.

• 100% ID checks and the postponment of Trust & Travelers is still in effect with no known date to rescind that.

• Ocean Gate is still closed and an open date not yet decided.

• Child care is open to mission essential personnel only.  There is a staffing shortgage, plus the border still closed to Mexico residents that worked in base childcare.  Future openings of child care slots are still pending.