Updates for military and families

Face masks required for all military, Sec Def orders

By RangerKen on April 5, 2020

As we conclude another week of COVID-19, here are a collection of news and features important to military personnel and their families.

>> US Military across the globe will be requir4ed to wear face masks - story HERE

>> Veterans can still get stimulus checks even if they don't file for taxes.  INFO HERE

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>> Pharmacies could be limited to active duty only - see STORY HERE

>> Records show that 678 installations are either contaminated or had suspect discharges of PFAS

>> Marines can request a service extension rather than retire into a low job market. STORY HERE

>> All Navy ID Card facilities now require an appointment - no walk-ins. SEE STORY HERE

>> Some in Congress are pushing for 24-hour child care on bases.  STORY HERE

>> AAFES is studying curb side pickup at some bases.  SEE STORY HERE

>> ETSing from the service, but stuck at home?  Here is what you should be doing.

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