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Army announces new Aviation Incentive Pay rates

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The Department of the Army announced today the implementation of the new Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP) rates to stay competitive with the civilian aviation industry.

Aviation incentives are special pays above base pay to ensure aviators are ready and available for flight duty, regardless of unit of assignment. These rates became effective Jan. 1.

"The Army understands the high demands on the aviation force and their families. This increase in AvIP, the first for Army pilots in over 20 years, will result in an increase of pay for most pilots in the regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserves," said Maj. Gen. David J. Francis, U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker commanding general. "This adjustment is just one of many efforts underway to maintain aviation readiness and ensure support to the joint force."

AvIP provides long-term financial incentives to remain medically and professionally qualified for flight. The rates have not increased since 1999 and what used to equal almost 25 percent of a pilot's base pay declined to approximately 11 percent. The new AvIP rates, with some levels at the maximum allowed by law, combined with the recently approved 3.1 percent pay raise, provide the largest annual pay raise for Army pilots in recent history.

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