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Eric Steen, a visual information specialist, and Mr. Odis Crosby, the public affairs office’s graphic artist, pose on Friday, Nov. 15, for a feature on Madigan’s social media platforms. Photo credit: Joseph Jones

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On Friday, Nov. 15, Madigan highlighted Eric Steen, a visual information specialist, and Odis Crosby, a public affairs graphic artist, for designing and printing Madigan's new "Wall of Excellence" display in the Medical Mall on the first floor near the Adolescent Pediatric Clinic. This display highlights some of Madigan's safety, sustainability, innovation, historic milestones, accreditations and achievements.

"Jay Ebbeson, our public affairs chief, really wanted to do something special to show the patients Madigan's commitment to excellence, so I started designing some products to reflect that," said Crosby, who designs a wide range of products for Madigan.

"The printing was a lot of work and tedious, but, that's just what we do to communicate visually with our patients all over the facility, not just here, but everywhere at Madigan," said Steen, who operates Madigan Visual Information Service's printing operations at the Madigan Annex, which prints thousands of patient communication, medical education, and training products daily.

"At Madigan, we have an in-house print production facility that is critical to our communication efforts both internally to staff, and to over 100,000 patients receiving care here," said John Liston, chief of Visual Information Services at Madigan. "It provides quick service that allows our command team, educators, and healthcare providers to communicate our medical mission directly to our patients, staff and students," said Liston.

Being able to have patient and staff communication products created and printed upon request has assisted Madigan in achieving many of the accolades featured on the "Wall of Excellence" display, such as its sustainability, safety, efficiency, medical education, and innovation achievements.

"Outsourcing these products, as many other facilities must do, would have significantly greater cost and an exponentially longer time-delay for production. Madigan realizes that communication is vital in patient care and medical readiness of our service members and invests in this capability," Liston said.

Among the key commemorations in the wall's design are a "Star Strong" graphic design highlighting Madigan's recently attained status as an Army Safety and Health Management System Star Strong facility in early 2019. ASHMS Star Strong certification required a multi-year effort, acing three phases of inspections for a total of 243 points of criteria; after passing the final audit in August, Madigan can now boast that it is the largest Army facility to earn this recognition, which has its roots in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Voluntary Protection Program.

Madigan's sustainability efforts also are commemorated in the new display. This year marked the third year in a row Madigan proved itself a green leader by winning the Practice Greenhealth Emerald Award. In addition to the Emerald Award, Madigan again won the Greening the Operating Room Recognition that, according to the Practice Greenhealth website, "recognizes hospitals that have made substantial strides in improving environmental performance in the operating room." It goes on to explain that all awards, "honor hospitals and health systems that are building sustainability into their mission and their operations."

"We now use a lot of printing prioritization and design methodologies that saves us materials, resources, and time," said Steen. "I'm honored to be able to help contribute to reflecting that in a way that our patients can see every day on the wall."

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