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Impacts of government shutdown at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

A list of openings, closures and cancellations

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Starting Oct. 1, the government is on a limited government shutdown.

Below is a summary of how the shutdown will impact services at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  

It is recommended anyone doing business with a JBLM agency to call that agency first to ensure it is open prior to visiting the base.


Units training at JBLM and Yakima Training Center will see little impact if any. We will still operate the Range Support Office and the Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) to support all planned unit training for the near term.

On JBLM the following facilities and services WILL NOT be impacted

  1. All Exchange services will be opened and operating under normal hours.
  2. All emergency services will be operating as normal
  3. Range Support Office both at JBLM and YTC will be operating under normal hours
  4. Ammunition Supply Point will be operating under normal hours
  5. The Child Development Centers will operate as normal
  6. Youth Services Teen Zone, SKIES, School aged services, Teen Centers will continue with normal operations
  7. Youth Sports Program will continue as planned
  8. The Dining Facilities will remain open and operational
  9. The gyms will be open and operating under normal hours.
  10. On-post housing support through Equity will not be impacted
  11. Alcohol Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) will be operating normally
  12. On and Off-post Elementary, Middle and High Schools are not impacted
  13. Central Issue Facility (CIF) is open and operating under normal times
  14. Most MWR activities will continue under normal hours.  These include the Warrior Zone, the American Lake Convention Center, the Cascade Community Center, the Bowling Center as an example 
  15. Army Emergency Relief at ACS Annex 2166 and Air Force Aid Society at the A&FRC will continue to operate as normal
  16. SHARP, Victim Advocates, New Parent Support and Military Family Life Counselors will continue with normal operations
  17. Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) respite care for current enrollees will continue with normal operations

On JBLM the following facilities and services WILL be impacted:

  1. Funds for Troop Appliance Repair/Replacement does not exist. This means the appliances you currently have in the barracks are all we have.  We don't have the ability to fix or replace any that are broken or damaged.
  2. The Commissaries will be closed starting 2 October
  3. Madigan Medical Center

    • During the government shutdown, Madigan Army Medical Center's priority will be to ensure there is minimal impact on its beneficiaries and health care delivery.
    • MAMC has identified health care services that must be maintained in order to preserve the safety of those we serve. Consequently, all inpatient and wounded warrior care activities will continue as normal during the government shutdown.
    • Patients will still be able to schedule medical appointments for most outpatient services, and none of the scheduled appointments will be canceled. The appointment line at
    • 1-800-404-4506 will remain open for beneficiaries to inquire about their appointments and for those in need of urgent "non-emergency" care. Pharmacy services will also remain open at all locations.
    • Non-emergent elective medical and dental surgeries will be curtailed during the government shutdown. Impacted patients will be notified personally of any changes.

    4. Waller Hall will be opened with significantly reduced services:

    • Casualty Assistance Center under normal hours
    • ID Card Section- Closed.   Four contractors will re-locate to McChord Field Building 100 to provide ID Card services.   
    • Retirement Services Office- Closed
    • Transition Processing Center- There will be reduced operations.  Contractors augmented with Corps G1 at Waller Hall will provide separation packets to be completed by service members. DD 214s will be completed and mailed to service members at a later date.
    • Reassignment Processing Center- There will be reduced operations.  Contractors will provide briefing information. (Currently 760 personnel are in orders/PCS process. They will be delayed until either the shutdown is lifted. We are working a mitigation strategy with Corps G1 and and 593rd. However, that will not be in place for a number of days.)
    • Official Mail- Closed
    • Visas/Passports- Closed
    • Soldier Readiness Center (SRC)- operating under normal hours
    • 24/7 reception for newly arrived military personnel will still occur.
    • In-processing: Days 1 & 2 won't be accomplished. This include finance, travel, EFMP, ACS brief, fire safety, education brief, ASAP brief, housing brief, 201 files, medical/dental and financial readiness. Days 3-5 can be accomplished.  That includes CIF and Resiliency Training.
    • Building 100- operating under normal conditions with the exception of vehicles passes and weapons registration. Expect delays due to Waller Hall shutdowns

More facilities and services that WILL be impacted:

  1. Army Community Service- Closed with the exception of SHARP and AER
  2. Army and Airmen Career and Alumni Program- Reduced operations. All TAP and DOL transition counseling/services will continue. The VA counseling services are still in question.
  3. Public Works  Work/Service Orders will not be processed except for emergencies
  4. Public Works will execute only "non-deferrable" preventive maintenance checks (about 600 per month).  This means about 1000 preventive checks will not be accomplished (per month).
  5. EO/EEO will be closed
  6. Offpost housing services are closed.
  7. Installation Safety Office will be minimally manned.
  8. Directorate of Logistics (DOL) Maintenance is closed.
  9. DOL central receiving will be open to receive but will not be issuing items.
  10. There will be no off-base housing support available.
  11. Youth Fitness Center at Jenson Fitness Center will be closed
  12. Coaches meetings are cancelled
  13. McChord Field Dorm Room assignments and maintenance will be delayed
  14. Installation Museums are closed.
  15. Visual Information Services(former TASC): Closed except for technicians supporting 3-2 SBCT FTX at YTC and oversight for Virtual Sim Contractor I/Os.  (NO Official Photos)
  16. The following future events are cancelled- AFAP Conference, Domestic Violence Conference
  17. The libraries will operating on limited hours
  18. GRANDSTAFF LIBRARY - New Hours: MON-FRI      0900-1800
  19. MCHORD FIELD LIBRARY - New Hours: MON - FRI    1000-1800 
  20. Joint Personal Property  Shipping Office (JPPSO)- normal operating hours; expect delays
  21. The Education Centers. Contractors and military personnel will continue operations. Both Stone and Hawk Education Centers will be opened for College Courses, but no academic/ career counseling services will be available. College and University classes will continue as normal.  Facility requests will continue
  22. The following MWR programs will remain FULLY OPERATIONAL:

  23. Army Emergency Relief at ACS Annex 2166 and Air Force Aid Society at the
  24. A&FRC.There may be increased wait times due to support staff being furloughed.
  25. SHARP, Victim Advocates, New Parent Support and Military Family Life Counselors will continue with normal operations, and EFMP respite care for current enrollees.
  26. In/out-processing will continue between 0800-1400, but wait times will be long due to lack of support staff. Emergency situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis for ACS as a whole.
  27. Children and Youth Programs will operate normally, with the exception of the Youth Fitness Program at Jensen Fitness Center & the Youth Sports Coaches meeting. These have been cancelled.
  28. All Fitness Centers
  29. All MWR Food & Beverage facilities
  30. Golf Courses
  31. Bowling Centers
  32. Outdoor Recreation, including NW Adventure Center & Adventures Unlimited
  33. Leisure Travel Services

The following MWR programs will operate with reduced hours:

  1. Grandstaff Library                  New Hours: MON-FRI      0900-1800
  2. McChord Field Library New Hours: MON - FRI    1000-1800 

The following MWR programs/events are cancelled until furthe rnotice:

  1. All ACS facilities will be closed except as noted above. There will be no services in SFAC, SOS, EFMP (to include Respite Care NEW PROCESSING), Family Advocacy, Relocation, Financial Readiness (except AER/AFA), Employment Readiness, Information & Referral, Mob/Dep (to include SPR), AFAP, AFTB and Volunteer Programs.
  2. All scheduled ACS classes, programs/events and individual appointments.
  3. Youth Fitness Program at Jensen Fitness Center & the Youth Sports Coaches meeting
  4. Fire Safety Fair, Oct. 12

The following installation courses are cancelled

  1. Ammo Manager 7-8 October
  2. PSI Course 8 October
  3. JPAS Course 9 October
  4. Med Pros- 11 October
  5. Schools NCO 15-16 October
  6. 1SG/Commanders Course 21-25 October

The following installation courses will continue as planned due to military instructors:

  1. Ammo Handler Course 2 Oct 2013
  2. Battle Staff Phase 2  7 Oct- 6 Nov 2013
  3. Combat Marksmanship Level 1 (CMTC) 7-18 Oct 2013
  4. Field Sanitation 7-11 Oct 2013
  5. Practical Extended Rifle Range Course (PERRC) 15-18 Oct 2013
  6. Air Load Planner (Air Force Instructed)15-25 Oct 2013
  7. Equipment Prep 15-25 Oct 2013

For updated information, please check the DFMWR website, and the DFMWR Facebook page, JBLM Family and MWR.

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