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Army Adjutant General’s Corps to host forum

Human resources takes a lead role

The Adjutant General Corps at JBLM will host a week long forum designed for human resources personnel to meet and develop solutions for the present and foreseeable future. Photo credit: Dept. of Defense

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The Adjutant General's Corps (AGC) is the branch of the Army that shapes and makes the service what it is.

"Our first charge by the Department of Defense is in its enduring mission ‘to provide combat-credible military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of our nation," explained  Virgil L. Looney Jr., Chief, Military Personal Division, Installation Adjutant General at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

This mandate covers providing personnel service support by ensuring the forces as the numbers it needs, providing human resources (HR) services, coordinating personnel support, Army band operations, and recruiting and retention.

"As human resource professionals, we ensure that the soldiers and their families are cared for first - that they can do the mission that the DOD and the Department of Army has for them."

The AGC dates back to the formation of the Army. Horatio Gates, a former British Army officer, is honored as its founder. On June 16, 1775, the Continental Congress appointed him as the first Adjutant General to George Washington. He was the second officer to receive a commission in the Continental Army. With his appointment, the second oldest existing branch of the Army was created.

In honoring this legacy and in promoting current best practices, I Corps will host the annual Adjutant General's Corps Week from May 13 thru 17 at the Washington Army National Guard Readiness Center on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

"AG Week is a pivotal event, providing a unique opportunity for HR professionals in the Army Human Resources field to converge, exchange knowledge, discuss innovative ideas and celebrate the commendable contributions of the Adjutant General's Corps soldiers," continued Looney.

He added that the week is an opportunity for HR personnel to exchange knowledge from the Corps level to the company clerk, and to celebrate the contributions of civilian HR professionals, as well as HR enlisted, warrant officers and officers who support JBLM's soldiers.

"AG Week serves as a forum for collective HR brainstorming, urging HR professionals to think outside the box and to develop mitigation measures/solutions for both the present and foreseeable future," said Looney.

In setting the stage for the AGC Week, he asks that human resource professionals be problem solvers and teachers to those in junior to them in rank or experience.

"Teach them how to research and apply what they research, and learn how to apply in daily S1 (administrative) operations," concluded Looney. "Be willing to share your knowledge, as it makes the whole team better."

The Adjutant General's Corps office is located in Waller Hall at 2140 Liggett Avenue.

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