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Tim Puryear, Asset Manager of Lakewood Industrial Park, the sprawling complex of offices and warehouses bordered by 100th St SW and Lakeview Drive, knows quite a bit about the remarkable history of the site he manages—and he’ll share it at a free public program, 7 pm Tuesday, May 22, at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 10630 Gravelly Lake Dr SW.

Looking around the busy but generally peaceful property Tim manages today, you’d never guess it was once filled with the dust and roar of race cars… the drone of biplanes touching down and lifting off… the din of construction as the government raced to complete a major military supply depot during World War II.

But such were the colorful, if now largely forgotten, events and activities the site has witnessed over the years—the kind of goings-on the Lakewood Historical Society makes its mission to retrieve from obscurity. By sponsoring programs like this, the Society hopes to acquaint local residents with a past far more exciting and eventful than they may have imagined.

Be on hand when Tim fills in thee outline with some rich, historic details—along with a few insights into what’s happening at the Park today, and what might be in store for the future.

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