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Filing suit for sexual abuse

  Sexual abuse and assault impact millions of Americans across the country each year.  These acts of blatant disregard for others inflict physical trauma and emotional distress.   A civil sexual assault lawsuit can help...

Military Life

A bright light in the laundromat landscape

For Patrick Montgomery and his wife, running a laundry business and becoming parents were always two sides of the same plan. "My wife was working as a preschool teacher and really enjoyed it. But when we made the decision to have a family, she...


Keeping trust in tune

Connie Byzinker's career with the Washington Army National Guard as an assistant inspector general started when she first learned to play the oboe in the fourth grade. "I continued through high school," she began, "and before graduation in 1967,...

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Rebooting bases named for Confederates

The Commission on the Naming of Items of the Department of Defense that Commemorate the Confederate States of America or Any Person Who Served Voluntarily with the Confederate States of America, is more often referred to as the Naming...

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Earplug lawsuits hit a snag

A federal jury in Florida sided with earplug manufacturer 3M that the company's product did not cause hearing loss for a veteran who used them while serving in the military. The trial was the second of three scheduled this year that could impact...

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