Camo hats okay

The Air Force has introduced a flurry of changes this year

By Wyatt Olson, Stars and Stripes on June 27, 2021

The Air Force has authorized airmen across the service to wear tactical operational camouflage pattern caps, which have the appearance of military-grade baseball caps.

"If you have a Tactical OCP Cap, as identified in the official Air Force guidance, you are authorized to wear immediately," Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne Bass said in a Facebook post June 14.

The Air Force has introduced a flurry of changes this year, including longer hair styles for women, revamped physical training uniforms and shorts for aircraft maintainers in hot climates.

The change in cap policy is part of the service's intent to allow commanders of certain units to authorize the wearing of a standardized maintenance duty uniform, the Air Force said in a news release June 14. It expects to complete the acquisition process for the new uniforms within the next year.

In the meantime, the authorization on June 14 allows airmen to wear certain tactical camo caps, provided they are either made entirely of approved camouflage material or a mix of that material with coyote brown mesh in the back of the cap.

No other colors or combinations are allowed, the Air Force said.

In addition, the Velcro or sew-on name tape must be centered on the back of the caps.

"The only item authorized for wear on the front of the cap is rank for officers," the Air Force said.

Chaplains may wear their occupational badge sewn on and centered above the visor.

Female airmen are allowed to pull hair buns or ponytails through the back of the cap.

Space Force guardians will continue to follow the Air Force uniform standards until that service develops its own dress policies, the Air Force said.