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McChord is mission ready

ORI goes well for base Airmen

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JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. -- The 62nd Airlift Wing and 627th Air Base Group were deemed "mission ready" during an Operational Readiness Inspection outbrief Nov. 5 at the McChord Field base theater.

The ORI, which took place Oct. 13 to 20 at the Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Center, Wis., tested the units' ability to conduct its wartime mission. The team earned an overall grade of satisfactory during the inspection.

"This team is clearly ready and very capable of performing their global air mobility mission," said Col. Andrew Molnar, Air Mobility Command Inspector General inspection team chief. "They are a well-led and exceptionally motivated team, and have cultivated a positive culture of safety, strong teamwork and unit pride."

In addition to announcing the overall grade, IG team members recognized exceptional performers.

Below are the 62nd AW exceptional performers:

Superior teams identified by the IG:
Aircraft Maintenance Unit Control Center Team- 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Lindsay High
Staff Sgt. Joshua Jaburek

Aircrew Flight Equipment Aircrew Generation Team- 62nd Operations Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Monica Silver
Tech. Sgt. Morgan Walker
Senior Airman Stephen Lamb
Senior Airman Breanna Reeves
Senior Airman Michael Vandermeer
Airman 1st Class Anthony Carvalho
Airman 1st Class Robert Dean
Airman 1st Class William Glover III
Airman 1st Class Christian Hill
Airman 1st Class Brandon Rhode

Flightline Production Team- 62nd AMXS
Master Sgt. Brian Hobson
Master Sgt. Patrick Remfrey

Maintenance Operations Center Team- 62nd Maintenance Operations Squadron
Staff Sgt. Kasey Davidson
Senior Airman Eliseo Malave

Squadron Operations Intelligence Team- 62nd OSS
1st Lt. Jane Chai
Staff Sgt. Travis Fifth
Staff Sgt. Alyssa Wiseman

Top individual performers identified by the IG:
Staff Sgt. Omar Ansari, 62nd OSS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Clark, 62nd AMXS
Staff Sgt. Frances Kriss, 62nd AW Public Affairs
Staff Sgt. Eva Ramirez, 62nd OSS

IG coin recipients:
Capt. Jason Birdsall, 8th Airlift Squadron
Capt. Nana Knight, 62nd AW Legal office
Tech. Sgt. John Farr, 62nd OSS
Tech. Sgt. Gregory Stucky, 62nd Aerial Port Squadron
Staff Sgt. Robert Leibley, 62nd AMXS

Below are the 627th ABG exceptional performers:

Superior teams identified by the IG:
Fire Emergency Services- 627th Civil Engineer Squadron
Senior Master Sgt. Christopher Maxwell
Tech. Sgt. John Person
Staff Sgt. William Carter
Staff Sgt. Jeremy Chivington
Staff Sgt. Ebenezer Evanoff
Staff Sgt. Alexander Galien
Staff Sgt. Alexander Rodriguez
Staff Sgt. David Yi
Senior Airman Thomas Eddins
Senior Airman David Foster
Senior Airman Matthew Jewett
Airman 1st Class Kevin Alfonso
Airman 1st Class Justen Farias
Airman 1st Class Steven Soto

Installation Entry Control Point Team- 627th Security Forces Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Flores
Staff Sgt. Randy Rodriguez
Senior Airman Aaron Jeter
Airman 1st Class Adam Spears
Airman Basic Michael Bradley

Top individual performers identified by the IG:
Tech. Sgt. Michael Barbarino, 627th Force Support Squadron
Staff Sgt. Nathaly Acosta, 627th FSS
Staff Sgt. Shaun Wheeler, 627th Logistics Readiness Squadron

IG coin recipients:
Master Sgt. Bonnie Longie, 627th FSS
Staff Sgt. Ciara Horn, 627th FSS
Staff Sgt. Janna Less, 627th SFS
Staff Sgt. Ryan McCammon, 627th FSS
Staff Sgt. David Yi, 627th CES
Senior Airman Michael Vidick, 627th SFS

After the awards and comments from the IG, leadership praised the Airmen on a job well done.

"This is my proudest day as a commander," said Col. Wyn Elder, 62nd AW commander. "We rocked this year. You've proven to be mission ready and it can be clearly seen as this past week we worked together to provide support to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts."

The 627th ABG commander, Col. Valerie Hasberry, also commended the efforts of the Airmen.

"Our units pulled together and we excelled," she said. "Everyone should be able to hold their heads high knowing they did a job well done."

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