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Brandman University Allows You to Get a Degree on Your Time

  Brandman University is designed especially for individuals needing a flexible work schedule. Their flexible schedule makes getting a degree manageable. Join them for this month's opportunity to learn more: Is now the right...


Outdoor swimming pools in the South Sound

The weather forecast for the summer is going to be HOT! With high temperatures forecasted to be in the upper 70's and 80's, the mission for the day becomes: STAY COOL! And what better way to accomplish that mission than to head for the pure...

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All to be corporals

The Army wants every junior enlisted soldier to serve time as a corporal before moving up to sergeant, the service announced in a news release. Starting July 1, all soldiers with the rank of specialist who complete the Basic Leader Course, or...

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Filing suit for sexual abuse

  Sexual abuse and assault impact millions of Americans across the country each year.  These acts of blatant disregard for others inflict physical trauma and emotional distress.   A civil sexual assault lawsuit can help...

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A bright light in the laundromat landscape

For Patrick Montgomery and his wife, running a laundry business and becoming parents were always two sides of the same plan. "My wife was working as a preschool teacher and really enjoyed it. But when we made the decision to have a family, she...

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