AMC Rodeo to have new life

By Air Mobility Command Public Affairs on May 5, 2016

Air Mobility Command's first-ever Mobility Guardian readiness exercise is planned for July 30, 2017 to Aug. 12, 2017, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

The exercise will be one of the most realistic real-world, scenario-driven exercises the command has ever undertaken, said Maj. Gen. Jerry Martinez, AMC director of operations.

"The objective is to execute rapid global mobility missions we see today, as well as those we anticipate in the future, to enhance mobility partnerships," said Martinez. "Exercising with allies we depend on every day will enhance the ability of our Mobility Air Forces airmen to overcome challenges and achieve national objectives."

The AMC commander agreed.

"Interoperability with our joint and allied partners is crucial to be able to move people, planes and cargo into contested environments around the world," said Gen. Carlton D. Everhart, II. "Mobility Guardian will be our premier exercise for U.S. and allied units to train together and improve joint capabilities. We'll train like we fight."

The excitement has been evident in the reactions of partners from the combat air forces and special operations forces, as well as international partners who are already lending time to help plan what will be AMC's preeminent readiness exercise, Martinez said.

"Mobility Guardian 2017 will provide a tremendous opportunity to put all our mobility capabilities to the test," said Martinez. "We're really working hard to expand international participation. This forum will allow participants to share tactics, techniques and procedures essential to maintaining readiness and sustainment in coalition campaigns around the world."

Mobility Guardian 2017 is a completely new exercise and focused on training the full range of capabilities Air Mobility Command provides to the nation," said Capt. Nick Plante, chief of Media Engagement Division.

How that will involve local leaders and supporters of the base has not been determined.

"As the first iteration is over a year away, many of the details to include the level of civic leader involvement are still being planned," Plante added.