A healthier menu

By Senior Airman Divine Cox on April 21, 2016

More than 600 servicemembers are served daily at the McChord Field Olympic Dining Facility, thanks to the hardworking staff here.

Behind the scenes, more than twenty 627th Force Support Squadron personnel help keep airmen and soldiers fueled to fight.

One of the dietary programs the Olympic DFAC offers is the "Go for Green" nutrition service. Individual food items on the serving line are labeled by color representing their nutritional value. Green is healthy, yellow is moderately healthy, and red is the least healthy.

"As a military, we are starting to get fit to fight," said Tech Sgt. Jocelyn Ferber, 627th FSS DFAC manager. "So we have a lot of salads and offer a lot more healthy items for the ‘Go for Green' program."

According to Maj. Carrie Wentzel, 627th FSS commander, the Olympic DFAC recently implemented a significant improvement to its menu variety and quality of food called the "Chef-Net System."

"Not only did we add fifty percent more meal choices," said Wentzel. "We also have more flexibility to drop unpopular items from the menu."

Ferber said the new "Chef-Net System" increases the menu cycle from the old 14-day menu to the new 21-day menu.

"It took us (McChord Field) a long time to get this system installed," said Ferber. "We've been waiting on this system since 2014, so we are extremely excited that it is finally here."

Providing food service to servicemembers at the DFAC is a combined effort that includes civilian employees.

"We have a great working relationship with our civilians," said Ferber. "As we work side-by-side all day, we constantly strive for excellence when it comes to our customer."

The DFAC's hard-working staff pride themselves providing the best quality of food for its customers.

"I am very excited about the quality and healthier food choices we offer," said Senior Airman Jabari Superville, 627th FSS food service apprentice. "It's nice to see a lot more variety, as well as knowing we are providing food to help every airman stay physically fit."