Air Force officials release E-5 promotion list

By Air Force News on August 6, 2012

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO - RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- More than 13,400 senior airmen -- 40 percent of those eligible -- have been selected for promotion to staff sergeant.

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Staff sergeant is the first noncommissioned officer rank. Those selected will be promoted beginning in September, depending on their promotion sequence number. Selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, which is no later than 10 days after the promotion release date.

The average score for those selected was 283.30, with an average time-in-grade of 1.93 years and time-in-service of 4.45 years. Weighted factor point averages were 131.59 for enlisted performance reports, .98 for decorations, 70.35 for the promotion fitness exam and 57.33 for the specialty knowledge test.

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