McChord spouse gives birth to Veterans Day baby

By Melanie Casey on December 4, 2011

Perhaps Nora Lynn Mullen was predestined to be born on Veterans Day.

Her father, Staff Sgt. Clint Mullen, is an Airman in the 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at McChord Field. His father served in the Army, as did his paternal grandfather, who was a World War II veteran. Clint's maternal grandfather also served in the Army, while his sister served in the Navy and his brother is currently serving in the Air Force as well.

Both grandfathers on Nora's mother Melanie's side of the family both served in the Air Force, and Melanie currently has multiple cousins serving in all branches of the Service but the Navy.

"We both have a lot of military history in our family," Melanie said.

Nora was born at 12:57 a.m. at Madigan Army Medical Center on the morning of Veterans Day, after 20 1/2 hours of labor. Melanie's original due date was Nov. 19.

"I thought this one was coming early, like our previous daughter (sister Leilah, who is 21 months old)," she said. "I was surprised I made it into November."

While family members took joy in the fact Nora was born on the lucky date of 11-11-11, the happy couple was more excited with the fact she was born on Veterans Day.

"When midnight rolled around, (Clint) got pretty excited," Melanie said.

"I'm definitely one who gets choked up every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner," Melanie added. "I've also always enjoyed going to parades."

Patriotism is something that will likely be incorporated into many birthdays from here on out for Nora.

"Lots of red, white and blue," Melanie said. 

The couple met while Clint was stationed at Travis Air Force Base, Calif. and Melanie was living in nearby Fairfield. They found out they were pregnant with baby number two in March just prior to getting orders to McChord. They arrived at McChord in August.

"This has been different because at Travis I had my family living all around me for support," Melanie said. "But it really has been nice here because I get the chance to meet a lot of other military families."

Nora seems to also enjoy life at McChord.

"She's a really good baby," Melanie said.