AFPC podcasts help Airmen understand workforce shaping

By Air Force News on November 6, 2011

From hiring controls to voluntary separation initiatives, the civilian workforce footprint is changing, and Air Force Personnel Center officials are working to provide easy-to-digest information to the workforce.

To help Airmen understand how they are or may be affected by workforce shaping initiatives, the AFPC Civilian Force Integration Directorate has developed several podcasts that describe ongoing initiatives, said Michelle LoweSolis, the civilian force integration director.

The podcasts cover information that ranges from voluntary early retirement authority and voluntary separation incentive pay to reduction in force and transfer of function.

"Our goal is to provide a readily-understandable overview of topics that are often discussed in a very technical and complex manner," LoweSolis said. "These short videos will help employees better understand voluntary separation options as well as how the reduction in force process works."

Go to the Air Force Personnel Services website at to view the podcasts. In addition to the podcasts, VERA and VSIP articles and other personnel information are available on the Air Force Personnel Services site.