Officials reduce officers eligible for upcoming lieutenant colonel SERB

By Air Force News on September 24, 2011

Voluntary retirements have resulted in the removal of two competitive categories from the upcoming October 2011 selective early-retirement board, Air Force officials announced Sept. 12.

Lieutenant colonels in the Chaplain and Medical Services Corps competitive categories are eliminated from meeting the fiscal 2011 selective early retirement board. Lieutenant colonels in the Line of the Air Force competitive category who were twice deferred for promotion will continue to meet the SERB scheduled for Oct. 24 to 28.

The SERB is part of the Air Force's Force Management program, which blends voluntary and involuntary programs to meet the Air Force's congressionally mandated ceiling of 332,800 Airmen. The program is necessary because of a 16-year high in retention.

The deadline to apply for voluntary retirement passed on Sept. 2, but applications are still being processed for those who applied before the deadline.

Officers selected for retirement by the SERB will be required to retire effective no later than Mar. 1, 2012.

For information about specific skills needed by the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard select embedded links. Detailed SERB eligibility criteria are on the AFPERS website at; do a keyword search for "SERB." Additional information on FY11/12 Force Management Programs is also available on the site. First time users will need to create an account with a username and password.