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August 5, 2011 at 4:28am

62 AW announces staff sergeant promotions

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JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. -- Congratulations to the following senior airmen who were selected for promotion to staff sergeant.

The average staff sergeant selectee score for the 11E5 staff sergeant test cycle was 275.56 points, based on the following:

-- 131.68 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 63.49 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 56.66 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 1.88 Time in Grade
-- 4.44 Time in Service
-- 0.96 Decorations

The following senior airmen from the 62nd Airlift Wing were selected for promotion:

Sandra Bishop, 62nd Maintenance Operations Squadron
Richard Borgen, 62nd Operations Support Squadron
David Bouchard, 62nd Maintenance Squadron
Joshua Boylan, 62nd Aerial Port Squadron
Katheryn Campbell, 62nd Medical Squadron
Alexander Carbon, 62nd MXS
Cassia Carrasquillo, 62nd MOS
Gabriel Carter, 62nd APS
Christopher Clark, 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Gerald Clark, 62nd APS
Jacob Colley, 62nd AMXS
Branden Conrad, 62nd APS
Stephen Cooper, 62nd APS
Natalie Cox, 62nd AMXS
Andrew Curry, 62nd AMXS
Claude Curry, 62nd AMXS
Eric Dasher, 62nd MXS
Corey Dawson, 62nd MOS
Howard Drake, 62nd MOS
Kristopher Duer, 62nd AMXS
Tyler Ellingboe, 62nd MXS
Jonathan Eriksen, 62nd AMXS
Brandon Ferguson, 62nd AMXS
Lynn Fuhrmeister, 62nd AW
Jose Garfias, 62nd AMXS
John Gayle, 62nd APS
Nicholas Golding, 62nd AMXS
Max Gomez, 62nd AMXS
Christian Gonzalez, 62nd AMXS
Drew Green, 62nd MXS
Jaren Hahn, 62nd MXS
Andre Haroutounian, 62nd APS
Anthony Hempstead, 62nd MXS
Martin Hensen, 62nd MXS
Lindy Hief, 62nd OSS
Eric Hoyt, 8th Airlift Squadron
Jesse Hughes, 62nd Comptroller Squadron
Christopher Irish, 62nd AMXS
Garret Jacobs, 62nd MXS
Anthony Jennings, 62nd OSS
Cindy Jimenez, 62nd MDS
Austin Johnson, 62nd APS
Gary Johnson, 62nd MXS
Andrew Kerner, 62nd AMXS
Bret Konsavage, 62nd OSS
Anthony Leonard, 4th Airlift Squadron
Thomas Levesque, 62nd CPTS
Marcos Martinez, 62nd MXS
Daniel Maysonet, 62nd AMXS
Michael McKee, 62nd AMXS
Aaron McPherson, 62nd MXS
Ross McPherson, 62nd MOS
Zachary Ponto, 62nd APS
Kevin Posinski, 62nd AMXS
Brian Pryor, 62nd APS
Thomas Robinson, 62nd OSS
Maria Roman Rosado, 62nd AW
Eric Ross, 62nd CPTS
Chauvin Rupley, 62nd MXS
Emily Russell, 62nd AMXS
Jeremy Schmid, 62nd APS
Peggy Schnack, 62nd MDS
Eric Scott, 62nd MXS
William Simmons, 4th AS
Zachary Smith, 62nd MXS
Andrew Spaulding, 62nd AMXS
Juanita Terrill, 62nd OSS
Joseph Van Eizenga, 62nd AW
Roberto Vargas, 62nd AW
Kevin Weaver, 62nd AMXS
Dustin Webb, 62nd MXS
Matthew Weber, 62nd MXS
Kenneth Wiedemann, 62nd OSS
Kyleigh Wiedemann, 62nd AW
Jeffrey Wilson, 62nd AMXS
Dustin Wineinger, 62nd MXS
David Wright, 62nd AMXS

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