Air Force officials launch FSS gift card program

By AFNS on July 6, 2011

SAN ANTONIO (AFNS) -- Air Force Services Agency officials here said the joy of giving is a little easier after the launch of an Air Force-wide gift card program.

Installations worldwide now provide Force Support Squadron gift cards available for use throughout all FSS activities. Officials said the cards are simple to purchase and easy to use, giving Air Force members special purchasing power.

"The overwhelming benefit of the new gift card is the convenience," said Frank Black, the AFSVA chief of community programs. "It takes the worry out of what to give someone for a special occasion. The card can also be used for anything FSS activities offer, from lunch at the bowling center to white water rafting down the Colorado River."

The gift cards are sold at many FSS point of sale outlets. The patron decides how much to load on the card, from $5 to $1,500. The cards are reloadable, and balances can be checked anytime online at

"Patrons will also be glad to know the FSS gift card never expires and penalty fees are never assessed," said Fred McKenney, the AFSVA food and beverage division chief. "That means people can take as much time as they want to use the card."

FSS gift cards are standardized so they can be used at any installation regardless of where they're purchased. Officials said the gift card program is easier to manage than coupons and FSS bucks. Additionally, the cards are more durable than paper coupons and can be swiped like credit cards.

For more information about FSS gift cards, visit or call a local FSS.