Last flight for Dale Storr, a Gulf War POW and WA Guardsman

By WA National Guard on June 9, 2011

Lt. Col Dale Storr was shot down over southern Kuwait in an A-10 Thunderbolt jet fighter while a Captain in the U.S. Air Force during the beginning weeks of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. 

He was tortured and held captive for 33 days by Iraqi forces before his release with other POW's on March 6, 1991. Storr left active duty in 1992 and joined the Washington Air National Guard as a KC-135 pilot in 1994. 

After 17 years in the Washington Air National Guard, Lt.Col Storr flew his final flight on Saturday, June 4 2011. 

Thanks to Lt. Col Dale Storr for his 20+ years of service.