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Rockin' Comedy Extravaganza

Comedy and rock bands - two great tastes that will be tasteless together

ROCK VS. COMEDY: They'll play good Friday at the Backstage. Photo credit: Varona Photography

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There is an old expression in show business that goes something like this: "All comedians want to be rock stars, and all rock stars want to be funny."

This Friday, the Backstage Bar and Grill and Puddin' Pie Productions melds the two genres with their Rockin' Comedy Extravaganza featuring two bands and five comedians grabbing the stage respectively, bringing a double dose of entertainment that will make you want to tweet, "These guys rock" and "LMAO."

A line-up of comedians - including Travis Simmons "The Big Funny," Justin Hayes, Greg Baldonado, Jeremy Whitman and Eric "Puddin" Lorentzen - start off the night followed by Hookerfist, a Tool tribute band, and local rockers C.F.A. The event is a NWCZ Radio sponsored listener's party, with on-air host Darrell Fortune playing emcee.

When C.F.A.'s singer/bassist Cody Foster was asked what he would say to somebody to get their butts out to the show, he replied, "I would start by letting everybody know that this is an independent show put together by comedian Eric ‘Puddin' Lorentzen, which means a comedian picked the other comedians. The best booked shows start this way."

Puddin's Web page declares he is the "epitome of life gone wrong ... Forced to take the stage after the age of 40 because he couldn't afford therapy." It also claims that Puddin will "be sure to capture an audience with subjects like his failed marriage, racism and lack of knowledge in every day life."

While the comedic portion of the night is sure to be stellar, another reason to get off the couch is the rock. Who doesn't like the music of Tool and the rowdy rock of C.F.A.?

Foster says people can expect the usual from C.F.A., "Dumb controlled chaos. Loud."

Fortune played a big roll in curating the event and says it was a conscious choice to book the comedians and musicians in two separate groups.

"I have been to shows where there was a band then comedian, then a band, then comedian, etc.," says Fortune. "It didn't work. It disrupts the flow of both music and comedy. It doesn't work and leaves the performers and crowd frustrated. Comedy is something to observe, think about, laugh at and enjoy the pace of."

He also says it gives showgoers a chance to be picky if they prefer one type of entertainment over the other. A choose your own adventure, if you will.

"We obviously think it's going to be great show with something for everyone," Fortune says, "If you don't like music or you don't like comedy - do what you like and then take off."

Fortune notes that although the show is all ages until 11 p.m., the content is likely in the PG-13 category.

For an added bonus, NWCZ personalities will be on hand, with giveaways throughout the night, such as CDs, download cards and swag in general. Also, glass artist Priscilla from Glass by Priscilla will be there and will be giving away a one-of-a-kind piece of mosaic glass art.

"She does amazing work," affirms Fortune.

Fortune, who says, "We'd rather go to shows than host them," admits there could be more collaborations in the future.

C.F.A. is on board for future shows.

"This is a great hybrid of entertainment," says Foster. "Who doesn't like to laugh and get rocked? If all goes well, we will do something else."

Oh, and one more thing, adds Foster, "Come down and get loose, we are filming for a video."


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