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NON-STOP HIP-HOP: Get ready Olympia

The Machina Muerte Grind Time Tour touches down next week


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This is a big one... big. For one, Nicatine and his Homeland Security team are bringing LuckyIAm of The Living Legends/Mystik Journeymen, Mestizo, Rollin' Rockers, Cadalack Ron, Afrok and your own El Goonie (contributor with the Weekly Volcano and DJ extraordinaire) to Olympia Thursday Oct 14. But it doesn't stop there. Also bringing the ruckus to the stage is Grind Time co-owner/CEO, Lush One, who will host one of the monumental battles in the world's largest rap league right in downtown Olympia. 

For those who don't know, Grind Time is an official rap league that features polished and unpolished MCs, "spittin' writtens," meaning unlike the traditional, age-old, battle-tested format of freestyling - many Grind Time MCs will have pre-meditated rhymes to murder with.  Grind Time boasts "divisions" in every major region of the United States, and has leagues that exist in Canada, The United Kingdom and various other nations - in addition to more than 35-million views of battles on YouTube.  The phenomenon that is Grind Time was established to provide exposure for emerging artists, provide and outlet for battles, and be a launch pad for artists to gain mainstream success. Instead, it has experienced a metamorphosis, becoming a full-fledged lifestyle company with a global reach - while maintaining its grassroots feel and focus.  A rare visit to The 25360 should be a treat for bloodthirsty battle-goers. 

If the battling doesn't get you, the always charismatic and gifted LuckyIAm should.  Following the MC's visit to Olympia earlier this year with The Mystik Journeymen and Equipto on the 2010 Live From I-5 Tour, LuckyIAm returns to The O for an encore.  The husky MC is talented on the microphone with an imposing stature - equally imposing is his friendly pit bull who has been known to travel with him and watch closely from stage right.

Mestizo, one of the tour's architects, is based out of LA but has clear relations to California's Bay Area.  He delivers a concise flow and adamantly signifies his cultural roots with his name, spouting signature rhymes that not only convey his sense of ego (as any good MC does), but also a dose of reality and reflection that give listeners a jolt about his life and perspective.  Coming along for the ride with Mestizo are Rollin' Rockers - a newly formed duo featuring none other than Grind Time CEO, Lush One, and his homeboy, Plex Rock.  The duo is quite the rage, wherever they go - including overseas.

Finally, LA native Cadalack Ron will rock the crowd with his brand of hip-hop, anchored by award-winning Olympia MC, Afrok and his DJ, Andrew James.  Afrok is nearing the completion of his highly anticipated (and long-awaited) release, Delay of Game, and his star continues to shine with continuous bookings for his profile tours, including this one and the recent Dead Prez visit.  Leaving no doubt about the evening's party potential, DJ El Goonie will be the DJ for the night.  One of the more talented, distinguished and original DJs in the Puget Sound, El Goonie is the seminal "Pacific Northwesterner" - representing hip-hop all day, every day, from Oly to Anchorage, Alaska. You'll find few more capable party rockers than El Goonie... Recognize game.

The Machina Muerte Grind Time Tour is one to remember.  Quit being so cheap and break bread one time!

Machina Muerte Grindtime Tour

featuring LuckyIAm, Mestizo, Rolling Rockers, Cadalack Ron, Afrok, El Goonie
Thursday, Oct. 14, 9 p.m., $7
The Royal Lounge, 311 Capitol Way, Olympia

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