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Masks required on bases again

The Pentagon on Wednesday announced it would once again require all individuals to wear face coverings when indoors at Defense Department facilities in locations deemed high risk by federal health officials for the spread of...


Healthy PCSing with kids

Military families move frequently, so this can be both an exciting and challenging time for children and teens. Keep in mind while you're busy preparing, they'll need extra attention and help in this transition. Prepare and show how to move with...

News Front

Defending against cyber attacks

Breaking News - A recent cyber-attack on a civilian company has resulted in the polluting of a small town's water supply. "The attackers are inside the network of this company," explained Maj. Sameer Puri, Washington Army National Guard, Chief...


How to change your military record

The Defense Department wants to make sure its veterans know they can apply to correct inaccuracies or injustices in their military records, including an upgrade in discharge, officials for the DOD's legal policy office said. "Veterans who...


Carbs please

When we're hungry, tired, happy, moody, or excited - carbs are always the answer. And what cuisine has the most carb loaded options? Italian. So, we set out to help others that feel the same way and found the best Italian food in the South...

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