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Go from associate degree directly to a master's

IWU allows you to skip a bachelor’s, save time and money

Save time and money by earning a master’s degree online from Indiana Wesleyan University. Photo credit: Burst from Pexels.

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It may sound too good to be true, but it's a fact - Indiana Wesleyan University allows you to earn a master's degree online after completing your associate degree, skipping the bachelor's.  That saves both time and money.

KC Haight, a 23-year veteran of the Air Force shared this opportunity and the impact it could have on military members and their families.

"These programs provide not only military members but any student with an associate degree a real choice," Haight said. "And it saves the military on TA funds, too."

Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christian academic community that also specializes in online education for military personnel and their families. They've made serving your country and getting a degree more affordable. The classes are just as rigorous, but the time and financial commitment are better than traditional programs.

IWU's online Associate to Master's programs include an Associate to MBA and Associate to M.S. in Management, which offers two specializations: Policy and Organizational Change as well as Information Technology Management.

How it works

Once you have earned your associate degree at a regionally accredited college or university (or a proprietary school which holds a national accreditation), apply to IWU in the Associate to Master's program of your choice. Thirty-six hours of typical elective work toward a bachelor's degree is waived.  Instead, you'll complete 24 hours of undergraduate course work to prepare you, and then dive into your master's coursework.

"This is a real way to a quicker, but not easier, path to a master's," Haight said. "And you save taking 36 hours of elective credits and those costs"

To get started, contact IWU today at 866-498-4968, or click on


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