An app for medical records

Control, privacy and effectiveness are at hand

By J.M. Simpson on September 25, 2022

Nexudoc is an app designed to help military members receive their medical benefits upon separation from service.

"This is a mobile app that was developed to help service members take control of their own military medical records," began Dan Frazee, a certified physician associate with a doctorate in medical sciences.

He and his wife, Courtney, have been in clinical practice for over 30 combined years, with 15 of them at the largest compensation and pension clinic in the nation.

"The app helps set them up for successful compensation and pension claims to get the benefits and compensation they deserve for an injury, illness or exposure caused by service."

Understanding the challenges that many veterans go through in trying to receive their medical benefits, the Frazees developed Nexudoc.

"It was becoming increasingly frustrating to see veterans in the clinic, to personally believe their accounts of their injury or illness due to service, but to see them get denied their benefits due to lack of evidence and documentation," explained Frazee.

"Many of these service members didn't have documentation because it had either been lost through no fault of their own, or they had not been evaluated because they are so dedicated to their positions and didn't want to risk being left behind from their teams."

He also noted that from the examiners' perspective, viewing incomplete and disorganized medical records made it next-to-impossible for them to understand how they could help veterans.

But the situation changed one night in July of 2021 when Frazee's wife could not get to sleep. 

"She kept thinking there had to be a better way to support our service members in this realm, "continued Frazee, "and I woke up the next morning to about 50 flashcards mapped out on the floor and Courtney saying ‘This is what would help these men and women.' From that morning, Nexudoc was born."

The app offers the following:

Frazee said that the creation of the app successfully overcame the challenges of privacy and security; created a Quarterly Health Questionnaire (QHQ) that includes all health components to include mental health concerns, physical complaints, and other disabilities caused by various exposures; and constructed a package that can be used by an end user, examiner, and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA).

"This app will further help active duty, Guard and Reserve members to track and monitor their health during times of drill or assignment. Upon completion of dates of service each veteran will have a well-documented, organized and detailed report of this information," concluded Frazee.

"We recognize the personal sacrifices made by both the service members and the families supporting them. We want to be part of the solution in helping veterans receive the benefits they rightfully deserve by supporting their claims with the use of the Nexudoc app."

There is both a free and paid subscription version of Nexudoc, and it will also be active on social media with Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

The website,, will be live in October 2022.