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A fun day is about fun

Fisher House and Santa’s Castle head the effort

Through the support of ACU and the collaboration of Santa’s Castle and The Fisher House, families staying at the Fisher House can now enjoy a Family Fun Day. Photo credit: Courtesy image

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Fun is about amusement, enjoyment, entertainment, merrymaking and respite. But one thing is for sure - fun is easily recognizable.

Tommy Carson, the Military Relations Liaison at America's Credit Union (ACU) on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, likes to have and share fun with others. To this end, he came up with the idea to create a Family Fun Day for the families staying at the Fisher House.

"One morning it hit me," he began. "Families at the Fisher House are brave; they face unprecedented challenges; and I cannot imagine what they and their children go through."

JBLM's Fisher House provides a "home away from home" for families to stay at no cost while they or a loved one receives medical care.

"We create a meaningful and uplifting experience for families facing the challenges of military life," said Vattana Garcia, the house manager, "and we foster a sense of community and care."

Through ACU's involvement with the Fisher House, Carson saw an opportunity to further that sense of care and fun.

"Tommy had the idea to bring Santa's Castle and the Fisher House together in order to create a Family Fun Day for those who could use a bit of respite, of fun, to temporarily step away from stress," continued Garcia.

A Family Fun Day occurs whenever a family needs a break, and it can be at any time during the year. If families want to go out for a pizza, visit a spa or get some ice cream, it would occur on the family's time. If a family would like to visit Santa's Castle, it would be during its business hours.

"Our team loved the idea and agreed to participate," said Donna Handoe, president of Santa's Castle. "We agree that children facing medical issues deserve a break and to have a little joy ... and we ask the parent ahead of time about what the children like so we can provide what they really want."

In closing, Carson related that ACU had recently purchased some presents for a seven-year-old girl who was staying at the Fisher House. 

"I saw the sickness, illness and disease leave her body," he explained. "There is evidence that when you laugh endorphins are released in the body that help in the healing process. That's what fun does!"

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