Expanded child care for troops

DoD has new options for hourly care

By Military One Source on January 2, 2021

High-quality, affordable child care is critical for military parents. But the type of child care they need can vary widely. Some families need regular full-time care, other families need more flexible, on-demand services, and some families need both.

To help meet the growing and diverse needs of military parents, the Department of Defense is proud to offer an expanded child care service. Through Military OneSource, military families have free access to a national database of more than a million caregivers so they can find hourly, flexible and on-demand child care. Take advantage of it today. Whether you are looking for in-home child care, a nanny or a babysitter, the search service connects you to the child care resources you need.

The nationally recognized online subscription service lets you:

How to access the free online service

Use your Military OneSource account to set up your free access to the child care service. Log in to your existing account or create an account to get a unique subscription code and establish your child care service account.

For more information about the online caregiver search service, and to register, visit the Military OneSource Expanded Hourly Child Care Options page.

Existing child care options

The online search service is available in addition to existing military child care options such as:

Learn more about Military Child Care Programs on Military OneSource. You can also contact your installation child development center for information about on-installation programs

Questions? Contact Military OneSource

Have a question about the expanded hourly child care service or need help getting started? Military OneSource consultants are specially trained to help service members and their families set up accounts and get started researching child care options. Reach out 24/7 to schedule a consultation. Call 800-342-9647, use OCONUS dialing options or set up a live chat.