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100 Crumbl cookies

The Classic Pink Sugar. Photo credit: Crumbl Cookies

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The origin story of Crumbl Cookies is that of humble beginnings. Starting in the small town of Logan, Utah two cousins set out to create the best chocolate chip cookie they could. In 2017 they felt confident enough in their cookie to open up their first storefront and the rest is history. With 600 plus store locations in the U.S they have now become the fastest growing cookie company in the nation.

The Crumbl Cookies business model caters to those that like variety. They feature six rotating flavors weekly with their beloved pink sugar cookie and chocolate chip cookie appearing on the menu more often than not. Each week the cookies are served up in their adorable pink boxes that add to the magic that is Crumbl. So is Crumbl worth the hype? 

In September 2022 we set out to discover just how good Crumbl is by trying and ranking the new flavors each week. Our dedication has remained strong, only missing two weeks when we were on vacation with no access to a Crumbl. Recently, we hit the milestone of 100 Crumbl cookies flavors sampled. Yes, you read that right 100 (someone had to do it). And we present to you below our top 10 best Crumbl cookies.  

1. Chocolate Mallow Cupcake reigns supreme as our number one cookie. This is a decadent chocolate cookie with a marshmallow topping and another layer of fudge topped with the classic white circles. Yes, this cookie closely resembles a Hostess Cupcake  and it's everything you need in your life. 

2. Classic Pink Sugar is a classic for a reason. This cookie is one of the two cookies  that is available primarily every week with a few exceptions. This buttery delicious sugar cookie topped with the pink icing is a true Chef's Kiss. 

3. Buckeye Brownie is a thick brownie cookie topped with peanut butter fudge and then drizzled with melted chocolate. I think it's obvious why this is number three.

4. Cornbread Honey Cake is a cookie you just don't expect. The cornbread taste is so perfectly executed and the honey butter is just the cherry on top. 

5. French Silk Pie has a rich chocolate base with a creamy chocolate pudding filling and a dollop of whip cream on top. It's quite simply one of the best Crumbl flavors. 

6. Cake Batter is that perfect version of a birthday cake but in cookie form. Crumbl has several birthday cake renditions, but cake batter is the best. 

7. Molten Lava is a chewy chocolate cookie that is served warm and oozing with a chocolate center. This is probably one of our simplest favorites, but don't let it fool you, it's darn good!

8. Maple Cinnamon Roll has that classic cinnamon roll taste with a maple cream cheese frosting. The maple adds the extra pizazz taking it to a level beyond just a cinnamon roll cookie. 

9. Strawberry Limeade ft. Nerds was probably the biggest surprise out of all the cookies we've eaten. A sugar cookie topped with strawberry limeade frosting and nerds is not one I would expect to be in the top ten, but here we are and for good reason!

10. German Chocolate Cake takes everything you love about the classic cake and transforms it into the perfect cookie. This one is decadent! 

New flavors drop every Monday and are available through Saturday of that week. Our mission to try all the Crumbl cookies will continue.

Crumbl Cookies has locations in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Lacey, Puyallup and Lakewood. Go to for more information. 

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