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Fee policy changing

New policy impacts child care, middle school and teen programs, youth sports and fitness programs

Children at the Clay Kaserne Child Development Center enjoy their play time at the center. The new fee policy for care at the center goes into effect Sept. 2. Photo credit: Connie Dickey

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WIESBADEN, Germany - A new fee policy for child and youth services goes into effect Sept. 2, 2021, and impacts community members who use child care facilities, school age care, family child care, middle school and teen programs, youth sports and fitness programs.

Child Development Programs, Department of Defense Instruction 6060.02, requires DoD to annually review the fee ranges within the various total family income categories. Parent fees, total family income and hourly care rates have not changed since 2018-2019.

Petra Rohr, CYS Program Operations Specialist, referenced the CYS fee policy, explaining the total family income must be verified on an annual basis. Each family must provide income documentation for verification using the most recent W-2 forms or current Leave Earning Statement of the military service member or Department of Defense civilian employee. If applicable, a military spouse's income, and all adults who financially contribute to the welfare of the child, must provide proof of income as well.

"Our desire is to continue offering safe, quality programs to our military children and youth. We remain committed to working with our parents on all angles as we strive to provide the highest levels of care to the families who serve within the USAG Wiesbaden community," Rohr said.

Each family, regardless of income category, must provide income documentation. Families are no longer permitted to automatically elect to enroll in the highest fee category. Failure to provide the required information will delay the processing and approval of child care services and could result in denial of child care services.

Parent fees have been adjusted to address the lack of uniformity in the range of the TFI categories and to provide a more equitable and uniform fee structure to account for higher income households of $140,000 or more.

The fee schedule applies to families whose children attend regularly scheduled Child Development Center and School Age Children programs during 2021-2022 school year and includes an hourly child care rate increase from $5 to $7 per hour.

All DoD contractors and specified space available patrons pay the unsubsidized child development program fee. This does not apply to surviving spouses and military members and DoD civilian employees with nonworking spouses.

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